A Brief Historical Perspective On Suzuki Motorcycles

by : Gregg Hall

The Suzuki motor company was started and funded by Michio Suzuki. He had a very good business going before he started to invest in the motorcycle industry in 1920. Suzuki didn't take to the top quick instead came to the top of the industry over time. There were a variety of bikes that had good success. Most of the people began to notice Suzuki after one of the bikes one the Mount Fuji climb in 1953.

In June of 1954, Suzuki started using a trademark symbol the "S" to their bikes. So after observing the motorcycle company for some time they put all their intelligence to use. When 1962 came around they were the Grand Prix championship holders. Suzuki then started selling their bikes in the United States in 1963. Since they first appeared in the United States they have come a long way from where they first stood over seas.

Suzuki first showed the X-6 hustler in 1966, this was the first street legal performance bike. Also at the time it was the fastest and best 250cc bike on the market. After the success of that bike they made another that was 500cc called the titan. Suzuki took everyone and everything by surprise when they made the GT750 in 1969. This kind of bike was a two stroke bike that could reach speeds of up to 110mph. This bike could go from zero to sixty in five seconds. Since their bikes seemed to be selling and grabbing attention they made a bigger bike that was called the RG500. The RG500 soon became the bike that was the best at the time to have.

Suzuki still went on to dominate over everyone through the 1970s, taking the World Motocross Championship in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, and 1976. Their bikes were just faster and better; in 1976 they had some problems meeting regulation with their four stroke bike but soon got over the altercations and went on with it.

In 1982 with the XN85 they made history again with a new Suzuki model. This bike was a turbo charged bike that one many of the high profile races back then. The very first American to win the world championship did so with the XN85 in 1982. They also made another bike in 1986 called the GSX-R which was also a turbo charged bike; it was made of an aluminum frame which made it the lightest bike in its class at the time.

As to selling a lot of bikes they soon did well selling cruisers as well. The Boulevard model came in a variety of different models that the rider could choose from to however they needed or wanted to ride.

The way the model was made was so good that you could ride wherever you needed or wanted. This model still today is the best model being sold as it is being sold around 13,000 dollars. Every single one comes with a 12 month warranty that can be extended at any time. Suzuki today is still the best bike company that there is.