First Gear Motorcycle Jackets - Riders Choice

by : Vaibhav

First gear a brand name which has set the standards for quality motorcycle apparel. First gear always focuses on evaluating some new things to make the riders ride more comfortable. Motorcycle Jackets which is one of the main products of first gear has diverted the attention of riders towards itself. As the motorcycle jacket, is a mainstay for First Gear and comes with a removable fleece liner and a pocket.

Riders choose the jackets, made of nylon besides kevlar, because, apparently nylon performs better than kevlar. Nylon stretches and spring back into place, during a slide, while kevlar do not. The jacket consists of the nylon at the elbows and shoulders as these are the parts to be taken good care off. To ease the movements while wearing the jacket a bit lighter material is used. The jacket also uses memory-foam style armor in the shoulders, elbows plus at the back to protect them from any type of injuries.
One feature which is really liked by the riders about first gear motorcycle jackets is retro-reflective strip which can be folded up into the jacket to prevent it from getting faded. There also exists venting on the motorcycle jackets that is simply a great feature. It has vents on the arms, front, and back. First gear motorcycle jacket is a water proof jacket thus can be worn in raining season as well.
First gear has even started making motorcycle jackets which can be wore during summer season. Now, the riders do not need to worry any more about extreme heat and dryness in summer. Another feature of first gear motorcycle jackets is - these jackets are made considering the preferences of the riders regarding colors, sizes, and designs etc to give rider a smart look with hand in hand giving priority to the rider's protection.
Considering all these plus points of first gear motorcycle jackets, rider gives it high priority while purchasing motorcycle jackets.