The Tricks and Tips to Riding Atv Safely

by : Ray Martin

The tricks and tips to riding ATV safely

ATV riding is a fun sport to take up but if you are not careful, you could end up in the emergency room of a hospital instead. If you have just taken up ATV riding just recently, we suggest you read the rest of this article for some fun and safe ATV riding.

Take up some lessons with the professionals
Unless you have your very own ATV mentor, it is best that you sign up for some ATV riding lessons and learn the right way to handle your ATV with a professional. Riding an ATV should be something fun but it could also lead to accidents that could have been avoided if you knew how to handle your machine properly in different situations. So, don't just sit there and try to figure out on your own how to have fun and be safe while you are riding on your ATV - if you are not sure, ask a professional! It does not hurt to ask but it will hurt if you aren't able to control your machine in an event of an unforeseen situation. Most ATV professionals will share and teach you on the common "danger" grounds of ATV riding so you can be mentally and physically prepared.

Don't give in to peer pressure
One of the most dangerous things about ATV riding is giving in to peer pressure. If you feel that you are not ready for certain tricks that your other ATV fellow riders are able to do, don't do it! There's nothing sillier than killing yourself with ATV stunts that you have no confidence in doing in the first place and you do it out of peer pressure. Some ATV riders have the "talent" to be able to pick up new tricks with their ATVs while others may need a little bit more time to brush up their skills. If you don't feel confident enough to try out a certain stunt with your ATV, just say "no" - your life is more important than trying to give in to peer pressure or showing your fellow ATV riders that you can do it even when you don't think you can. Give yourself some time and practice a little bit more before you try new stunts on your ATV. Never allow yourself to be pressured into taking unnecessary risks with your machine.

Remember the rules
Just like any other recreational activities, ATV riding has it own rules and regulations too. When you sign up for professional ATV riding classes, your "teacher" should go through with you the rules and regulations of ATV riding. Some of the general rules and regulations for ATV riding include not riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs, always wearing your protective gears such as helmet, boots, goggles and so on, not carrying a passenger on your ATV, not riding your machine on paved roads and the list goes on. To learn more about the rules and regulations of ATV riding, or just to refresh your memory on the safety issues of ATV riding, visit

Riding on the "right" ATV
There are various ATV models in the market and if you are below 16 years of age, please do not attempt to ride on an adult ATV. There are youth ATV models that are designed for riders below 16 years old. Youth ATVs are smaller in size and easier to be managed by younger riders. In recent years, there has been a growth in female ATV riders and many ATV dealers are aware of this trend, hence, there are even "pink" ATVs for the girls! One of such dealers is Jackel Motorsports. Another website that you can check out for some great ATV models is

Remember, a little knowledge goes a long way and if you want to be able to ride your ATV for a long, long time - don't just "get" a little knowledge, use it wisely too!