Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags - Care

by : Harry Alan

Leather saddlebags vary in quality and there can be different types of leather. However there are 3 Major categories used to classify the leather used to make saddlebags. They are split, vegetable and chrome leather motorcycle saddlebags. All of these different types of leather saddlebags have one specific method to care. Proper and adequate care increases the life of leather and protects the aesthetics of it. Please note that the leather used in making saddlebags is very different from the one used for apparel. As a result the care also differs. Leather care can be broken down in four major categories.

It is required to work on the leather Motorcycle saddlebags in a well ventilated area. This is due to the problems related to the dangerous chemicals, which are included in the cleaning solutions. An ideal place to clean the saddlebags is outdoors. However a garage can also be an ideal place only if it is well ventilated.

Choose a good quality cleaning solution that does not pose danger to the color of your leather saddlebags. If the cleaning solution is very strong not only it would pose danger to your leathers color but it would also weaken the threat used for stitching the leather. Water can be added to dilute the cleaning solution. To make sure the strength of cleaning solution is right start by cleaning the back of the saddlebag and see the results. The cleaning solution can be applied using any kind of cloth as long as it is perfectly clean. Most leather experts consider nubuk cleaning cloth to be the best solution.

The second stage in the leather care is conditioning of your leather saddlebags. Conditioning does not need to be done regularly but conditioning once in a while is an excellent way to keep you leather saddlebags in good condition. The process of conditioning consists of lubricating the leather saddlebags. Lubricating is done by applying a thin coat of oil on the leather saddlebags. After all leather is skin of an animal and like most skins it needs to be moisturized in order to look good and last long.

The third stage of leather care is polishing. Polishing is done to make your leather saddlebags stand out and look more glamorous. When selecting the polish make sure it does not clog the pours of the leather to make it dry.

The fourth and the last stage in the leather care is adding moister barrier to your leather saddlebags. This process tends to block the pours of the leather to prevent damage caused by rain. Another advantage of this process is that the saddlebags can look clean for longer period of time.

It is important for the motorcycle riders to protect their leather saddlebags from rain and especially mud. If you plan on going off road use saddlebag rain covers.