Hidden Spy Camera-the Purse Complete Surveillance System

by : Jack Krohn

A purse is about as common as anything in the world. That is what makes it perfect for a covert surveillance system package. You see purses everywhere you see women. You see women everywhere. Ever see a woman go anywhere without a purse?

The point is people are used to seeing them in all sorts of situations and places. They have a comfort level with seeing them. That is exactly what makes the purse hidden camera surveillance system so great. No one suspects what is going on.

That is one of the reasons why this hidden spy camera purse surveillance system may be the perfect undercover tool to catch the bad guys. When you use a hidden camera part you want to get someone doing something they shouldn't be doing. You don't need any undue distraction from objects that might cast suspicion.

This surveillance system comes with all sorts of enhancements. The biggest is it is available as a stand alone complete system which includes a self-contained rechargeable digital video recorder (DVR) and camera unit allowing you to spy and record at the same time.

It is powered by a 12 hour rechargeable battery pack, no wires or cords to plug in. It includes the pocket dvr and all necessary power supplies, cables and battery pack. The dvr can record as many as 400 minutes at 30 fps with motion detection and a time stamp.

When you are not sure what equipment to get to do the job, this system takes all the guesswork out of it. It is one of many complete systems that provide solutions for a wide variety of problems and applications from domestic use to business applications.

X vision is an option available that allows for images in almost complete darkness. This option is only available with a black and white camera

So when you need to find out what is going on when you are not around or when you need documentation for a domestic violence or harassment case this could be the tool for you.

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