Protect Your Home With Motion Detectors

by : Larry Zolna

Motion Detectors can be the first line of defense to keep a burglar out of your house.

Just think about how and where someone could get into your house without much trouble.

Are your doors and windows really secure including the upstairs windows? Do you have an outside entrance to your basement What about your garage -- is it detached or is it part our your house? All of these are potential entrances for a burglar.

So you ask "How, then can I prevent a burglar from getting into my home?"

The answer is Motion Detectors which also includes Door and Window alarms. These small, inexpensive items are portable and are battery operated so you don't have to worry if the power goes out -- the Motion Detectors still live on!

Part 1 of this article will concentrate on the Motion Detectors used in the house. Part 2 will show the need for Motion Detectors near structures outside the house.

The most common of these Motion Detectors are stand-alones that are placed near the area of your house that you want protected, e.g. a front or back door. The Motion Detector will give off a very loud alarm when it detects any motion.

What about the burglar who strikes during the day when no one's at home? Well, there's even a Motion Detector that will actually call the police as well as your cell phone when someone breaks into your house. And, if you like, it will also give off a 125 dB (very loud) alarm when activated to scare the intruder off. By the way, you don't need another phone line in your house for this Motion Detector.

Another type of Motion Detector comes with a keypad so that only you know the combination to turn it on and off. This is very useful if you have teenagers who want to sneak in and out of the house late at night.

There is also a Dog Bark Motion Detector that has the sound of a large, German Shepherd-like dog barking when someone approaches your house. No one wants to burglarize a house with a large dog -- dog bites hurt!

These are but a few types of Motion Detectors that are available to protect your home.

It's your choice -- without a Motion Detector you leave your house easy prey for burglars; with a Motion Detector you have an alarm system to scare the bad guy, as well as let you know that your home has been invaded.

Don't become a crime statistic!

If you want to learn more about Motion Detectors, especially the ones that I have described, please visit - Don't Be the Next Victim. A Motion Detector could save your home from a burglary.