Protect Your House With Motion Detectors

by : Larry Zolna

Motion Detectors are the first line of defense to notify you when someone is near or in your house without permission.

You may know that Motion Detectors can protect the inside of your house. But did you realize that Motion Detectors will also guard your outside structures that are not attached to your house.

Like what? Well, how about your shed, outside workshop, swimming pool or garden. And many of us own expensive boats, cars, bikes, tractors, etc. that are outside in our yard, unguarded!

There is one type of Motion Detector that comes with a transmitter and a receiver which is perfect for protecting things outside the house. This quiet Motion Detector called a Driveway Patrol Alarm will not alert the bad guy that he's been detected. Instead it sends a signal (an 80 dB pleasant chime) directly to the receiver that has been placed anywhere in your house.

You set the transmitter near the structure to be guarded (boat, shed, garden, etc) and set the receiver anywhere you want in your house, e.g. in the bedrooom at night, in the kitchen during the day -- remember it's portable. The transmission distance is up to 400 feet in most of these Motion Detectors.

When you hear the chime you can look out your window to see who's been stealing your tools or ruining your garden -- now you can decide to confront him or call the police to catch him in the act.

This type of Motion Detector is also great to let you know when your teenagers arrive home so you can be standing there waiting when he goes into his bedroom.

And don't forget your swimming pool. When kids are in the pool you should always have adult supervision for safety. But what about when your pool is 'closed' and nobody should be inside the fence or in the water? A Swimming Pool Motion Detector Alarm, when triggered, will sound a loud alarm at the pool site as well as a separate alarm in your house to let you know somebody's in your pool.

Please remember that Motion Detectors are made so that you don't have to confront the intruder. You never know his state of mind -- he could be scared more than you and will run away as soon as he hears something. Or, he could be more hardened and want to do bodily harm to you and the inhabitants of the house. Or he could even be hopped up on speed and be out of his mind.

One other thing about bad guys -- he is probably younger and desperate and stronger than you, even if you were the toughest kid in the 7th grade. Call the cops and let them do their job -- they're better trained.

But, if you must confront the invader at least be prepared and have Pepper Spray or even a Stun Gun or Stun Baton with you to that you will have the edge over the attacker.

We all want and deserve a peaceful time at home (we certainly work hard enough for it during the week). Don't forget it's your choice to have Motion Detectors inside and outside of your home and property to keep the bad guy away so you won't become a crime statistic.

Don't Be the Next Victim!

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