Motion Detectors -- How to Avoid Home Burglaries

by : Larry Zolna

Motion Detectors are a burglar's worst enemy.? They are small, inexpensive and they work but do you have one in your house?? Do you know anyone that has one in their house?? Probably not.

But did you also know that burglary is the most common threat to our home today? It is a crime of opportunity and we, the homeowners, give the bad guy many opportunities to practice his trade.

What did I say?? Am I actually blaming the homeowner?

I sure am!? Too many of us like to tell everyone how safe our neighborhood is.? How many times have you heard or even said "Why I don't even lock my doors at night..."? Been there, done that.

To a burglar this is the cherry on the top of the ice cream sundae.

Burglars?usually look for easy ways to get into your house and they?will actually break into a house if necessary but, if we offer them an open or unguarded door or window, then don't plan on leaving your valuables to your children.

It 's usually the small, expensive stuff that disappears, such as jewelry and laptop computers not to mention the purse or cash we left so easily available on the kitchen table.

Why not put your cash, jewelry, car keys or even notes to your kids or spouse in a Diversion Safe?? What the heck is a Diversion Safe?

A Diversion Safe is an everyday object that we see in the house that has been hollowed out so that you can put your valuables in the empty space.? A Diversion Safe could be a Soda Can, a Book, a Flower Pot, even a Electrical Outlet on the wall.? Put the Diversion Safe back where it belongs, e.g. the pantry with other cans, and a burglar would never have the time to search each can.? He'd go for easier loot.

We often don't think about home security until it's too late.? It usually takes a burglary or two in our neighborhood to get us into action.

We try to give our children common sense advice -- don't talk to strangers, don't get into a stranger's car, don't accept money...

Why then don't we put this same common sense into action in protecting our home from unwanted intruders?

Wake up!? Now is the time to protect your home with easy to install Motion Detectors.??You'll be alerted, usually with a very loud alarm, when someone tries to get in (and out) of? your house.

Now there's no need to wonder "did I hear something downstairs" at 2 AM.? If a burglar tried to come in through a monitored entrance, you'll know it and will have time to call 911.

Please don't try to be a hero by going downstairs in your jammies with a baseball bat -- call the cops!? They're better trained than you even if you think you learned a little judo in the Army.

And, there are even some inexpensive Motion Detectors what will automatically call the police for you the moment an intruder is detected.

Don't Be the Next Victim!

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