Dog Bark Motion Detector -- Good Dog!

by : Larry Zolna

Here's how a Dog Bark Motion Detector saved a house from being burglarized while the owners were away for the weekend.? I hope it will make you 'sit up' and get your attention.

Pete and Sally were newlyweds and decided to go to the mountains for the weekend.? This was their first time away from home since their honeymoon.

Bill, their neighbor, was older and liked giving them advice.

"Did you lock all your windows and the back door?? Did you put your lights on a timer?? Is your garage locked?? Did you tell the police that you're going away?"

"Yes", said Pete "and thanks for your advice.? We think we have everything under control."

When Pete and Sally returned on Sunday night, there was Bill waiting for them.

"Did you know that your house was almost robbed?" cried Bill.? "Why, a burglar got right up to your front door but was scared away by your dog."

"Woke the whole neighborhood up!? No burglar in his right mind would have tried to break in after all that racket."

"I didn't even know that you had a dog, especially a big one like that.? Why didn't you ask me to check on him -- give him water and food?? And, where does he even do his business ?"

Bill continued, "What kind of a dog is he?? I bet it's a German Shepherd or even a Rottie.? Whatever he is, his bark says he's big!? Can I see him?"

Pete smiled and took Bill in to see Bruiser, his dog.? As they approached the front door, Bruiser began to bark very loudly.? Bill was cautious going in and braced himself to be greeted by a very large dog.

Instead Pete introduced Bill to Bruiser -- his Dog Bark Motion Detector!

"Well I'll be darned, it's an Electronic Dog" said Bill.? "He sounded so real.? I was even scared to come in with you.? No wonder the burglar took off."

"How can I?get me a Bruiser?" Bill asked.

"It's easy" said Pete.? You can get more information?on this amazing Dog Bark Motion Detector by visiting??

All you have to do is plug it into any electrical outlet and he's ready to guard your house 24/7.? And, you don't have to feed him.? Maybe you could even give him a name.

Bruiser, the Dog Bark Motion Detector,?saved a house from being burglarized.??Think of how it could be used in your home, office or warehouse to keep you from becoming a crime statistic.

Protect your home today!

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