Low Cost Home Security, Protecting Your Home Within Your Budget

by : Martin Underwood

At some point in our lives, or another, most of us find ourselves on a limited budget. We are constantly telling ourselves that we cannot afford this and we cannot afford that.

Sometimes we make the assumption that we can't afford something before we investigate the cost involved. Do you make that mistake with your home security?

Perhaps we would all like the latest all singing, all dancing home security system, but maybe we are unable to stretch our budget to afford it just at the present. However, not being able to afford the very best in home security technology does not mean that we should neglect the security of our homes altogether, in fact it would be very foolish to do so.

Many of the most effective steps that you can take to keep the burglar out of your home do not involve technological wizardry at all, and are in fact common sense, low cost home security ideas.

Do you lock up every time that you leave your home, locking all windows and exterior doors? Yes, skilled burglars can defeat locks, but many burglaries are committed by unskilled opportunist thieves who look for the door or window left unlocked. How much does it cost to get into the habit of locking up when you leave?

How about your yard, is it overgrown, does it provide cover for an intruder? Keeping bushes and shrubbery trimmed to a reasonable height will deny burglars the opportunity to work unseen while they attempt to break into your home.

Displaying home security decals may make a burglar pass by your home. Will security decals and yard signs fool a burglar into thinking that you have a security system? Possibly not, but they may make a less experienced burglar think twice and if he is unsure he will likely move on. Home security decals are so low cost as to suit anyone's budget.

A very effective and very low cost method of protecting your home is belonging to your local neighborhood watch. It doesn't get better than this, neighbor looking out for neighbor, and the monetary cost is hardly anything at all. Neighborhood watch does cost you a little of your time though, members have to be actively involved for it to work. But you can afford a little time to protect your home and neighborhood.

Leave some lighting on when you go out, a home that is occupied is likely to have lighting on in more than one room, so to make the impression that somebody is at home leave at least two rooms lit up. Better still, use low cost timers to switch lights on at random times.

Other Low Cost Home Security Solutions.

Okay, so you can do a lot to improve the security of your home without spending out on technology. But you and your family may feel more secure if your home is protected by some sort of security system. Do they all cost the earth? No, there are many home security systems that can be labeled low cost.

It is often the case that when new products, including home security systems, are launched they carry a price tag that is on the high side. Then after a time the price settles at a more reasonable level. Could it be that home security devices and systems are now more affordable that when you last checked?

Most security systems are expandable. You could protect your home with a low cost home security system that covers the basics and add more sensors and detectors as your budget allows.

Whilst there is nothing that makes your home absolutely burglar proof, there are many low cost home security ideas that you can employ that will help to keep the burglar out of your home.