Home Security-common Home Invasions Scams

by : Jack Krohn

"Home Invasion"(HI) is a burglary committed when the home is occupied. HI is on the rise along with burglary because commercial businesses have made it more difficult to rob them with increased security and surveillance and homeowners make it so easy for the bad guys.

The intended crime may not just be burglary but assault, rape, torture or even murder.

Just this past week there has been 4 HI's here in the Colorado Springs resulting in 3 assaults and one murder. Most are gang related here. They are frightening because it violates our private space-our sanctuary. FIVE SECONDS that all it takes to get in.
Home invasion robbers work more often at night and on weekends when homes are more likely to be occupied. They rarely work alone and use confrontation, violence and domination as part of their procedure.
The usual entry point is the front door. The bad guys are counting on any alarms or cameras you might have being off. Most folks answer the front door by just opening it without having a clue who is there. It only takes FIVE SECONDS to get in.
A lot of HI's are perpetrated by scams. Here are some of them and how to avoid them.
PLEA FOR HELP. Your doorbell rings. You look outside and see a car with the hood up. You don't open the door (good) but ask who it is. "Can I use your phone to call for a tow?" so the story goes. Kind hearted you opens the door (very bad) and the rest is history.
In a case like this either offer to call the police or get a phone # that you call but do not open your front door. It may be okay but it may not. DON'T TAKE CHANCES.
UNEXPECTED DELIVERY. There are variations of this one but to give credence the bad guys call ahead to tell you that you have a delivery. The call verifies you are home which is what they want. It puts you at ease since you are expecting it. They arrive and ring your bell. You confirm who it is and open the door. BAD NEWS!
In this case ask them to leave the package on the porch but don't open the door.
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! The doorbell rings. It is a rep from an asphalt company. "Hi, we just finished a job at your neighbors' and have some asphalt left over that we can let you have for a great deal" or something to that effect and all the variations thereof. "I just need your signature to okay it" BOOM he's in.
In general keep doors and windows locked. Use any window or door alarms. Use your peephole to see who's there. In case someone gets in have a game plan of what to do and who to call. This should be a practiced drill.
Lastly have some personal protection products around like stun guns, pepper sprays etc. just in case. You just never know when you might need them.
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