Dummy Cameras -- Why Do I Need One?

by : Larry Zolna

First of all, what is a Dummy Camera? A Dummy Camera, often called a Fake Camera, looks just like a real surveillance system camera that you would see in any store, warehouse and even on the outside of houses.

However, they don't record any video so what good are they?

Well, here are a few ideas as to how a Dummy Camera can help you:

Since Dummy Cameras look just like a real surveillance system camera, you can't tell the difference between the Dummy Camera and the Real McCoy. And guess what -- neither can the bad guys.

Dummy Cameras are deterrents to criminals. The first thing that bad guys look for is a surveillance system. They'll be convinced that your area is being electronically monitored and they don't want to take the chance that "Big Brother" is watching them -- so they'll move on to easier targets.

A real surveillance system is expensive and can cost you a lot of money to set up. Dummy Cameras are inexpensive and therefore are cost effective and as well as easy to install.
And don't forget, Dummy Cameras are battery operated, so they'll keep working even if the electricity goes out.

Dummy Cameras stand alone -- they're not wired to another system, so they are portable and can easily be moved.

It's a good idea to make it easier for criminals to see you have video protection. Put a sign underneath the Dummy Camera saying, "Warning: CCTV" or "This store is video monitored 24/7 -- Shoplifters will be prosecuted".

Did you know that many Dummy Cameras come with LED flashing lights, motion detectors, and some even have an alarm with pre-recorded verbal warnings such as "Intruder alert -- vacate immediately", which sounds as soon as a person passes the restricted area.

Many Dummy Cameras are weatherproof and designed to be used outside. Some will pan back and forth for 30 seconds every 2 1/2 minutes. A red LED light on the front will flash continuously which adds to the Dummy Camera's realism.

Just a suggestion -- if a criminal sees a Dome Dummy Camera on the ceiling, he won't know in which direction the camera is pointing. That means you can save a lot of money by placing just one Dome Dummy Camera in the middle of your store or warehouse to show that the entire room is under surveillance. A potential shoplifter would have to be pretty desperate if he were to see a camera aimed directly at him.

DON'T BE THE NEXT VICTIM! If you are on a tight budget but still need a way to deter shoplifting, inventory theft, or to just keep people away from your used car lot, then a Dummy Camera could be the answer for you!

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