Government Must Fulfill Desires of the People

by : Dalip Singh Wasan

Government must fulfill desires of the people

It is on record that governments had been giving out false promises to the people. They had been giving out false assurances to the people and they had been getting their votes and during their tenure of government, they had been showing that they are trying to fulfill the promises made and assurances given. But since the governments are always working with connivance of the rich and the powerful, therefore, they had been trying to deceive the people who had voted them in power.
But it must also be accepted that one day the governments shall have to see that they should fulfill the promises made and assurances given because deceiving the people shall not go on for long because people have started awakening and they are noting down that the governments are not fulfilling their promises and assurances given. They had been trying to shift or change the government, but this process also failed because all those who are in politics are chips of the same block and all want to govern and become rich and powerful so that with this money they could come and join as candidates next time too.
We all know that where people are illiterate, unemployed, untrained, poor, are without a house, are living in mud houses, are living in huts, are sleeping under the open skies, are not having a permanent house but are wandering from place to another place, where people sleep hungry, where people wear on rags, where people are beggars, where people are being discriminated on the basis of religions, castes, colour, creed or sex, such governments are not able to govern in a proper manner and actually these governments have failed. The people have started realizing all these failures and they are thinking for the change of such governments. Their present process of changing government could not bring them any good results because the people coming and occupy the seats of power are also with the same background and they too are helping the rich and the powerful. Therefore, we can say that the present form of government to which we call democracy, actually it is a government of the rich and a government of the powerful people and therefore, we should not call these establishments as governments of the people and for the people. They were never by the people and for the people and had they done something for the people, the people would have come out of all the problems mentioned above. But the governments could not write off all these problems and actually all these problems have been turned down as more complex and complicated.
Some people are coming forward and time shall also come when the governments shall have to concentrate on the welfare of the people and they shall have to concentrate on the issue of welfare because they are having a fear in their mind that the people shall not tolerate such things any longer. They know that more and more people should be able to have share in the national wealth and the government must come forward in this direction and must see that all the nationals are getting due share in the national wealth.
They are going slowly because they are not in a position to bring revolution because the rich and the powerful would not allow them to do so. So they have adopted the method of coming forward slowly and steadily. They are taking up the problems of the people one by one and most of the countries are coming forward in these directions. We hope that within the next fifty years, the people of the world shall be able to write off illiteracy, poverty, unemployment from the countries and this shall lead to prosperity. We should have such hopes because this world is full of resources which can provide to all and can look after all.