The Features of an Ideal Orlando Wireless Home Security System

by : Daniel Alicea

The most basic reason to invest in an Orlando wireless home security system is because the crime rate in Orlando, Florida has been steadily climbing in the last three years. Not only is the Orlando crime rate expected to increase further in the near future, but so is the crime rate for the entire state of Florida as well. That's terrible news for Orlando residents who do not have the option of moving to safer cities and safer states. But the good news is you can minimize the risks you must face as an Orlando homeowner by investing in an Orlando wireless home security system.

What are the components you should look for in an ideal Orlando wireless home security system?

First, you should check whether it really is a wireless home security system - meaning, there are no cords or wires that connect one part of the system to another.

Second, your Orlando wireless home security system provider ought to be able to provide you with both Door Sensors and Window Sensors. The system provider should be able to supply as many Door Sensors and Window Sensors as you would possibly need for your home. Then, the system provider should supply you also with window decals to warn potential intruders and burglars that your home is protected by an Orlando wireless home security system.

A very loud alarm should be installed somewhere within your home so that if the Orlando wireless home security system is breached, the whole neighborhood will know about it instantly. You should have the capability to easily set off this alarm when needed, such as when an intruder waits for you outside your home and then surprises you.

In addition, you should have a remote control that will permit you (being the homeowner) to turn on or turn off the entire Orlando wireless home security system when you like.

It would be helpful if the service provider had motion sensors as well to conduct sweeps of your home interiors to check for the presence of intruders regularly. But these motion sensors should have a Home mode function so that your Orlando wireless home security system does not start screaming because you were wandering around the house in the middle of the night.

Another feature you should look for is for the security system provider to have a policy of trying to reach you first before assuming that a triggered alarm is automatically a break-in. You might be the intruder because you forgot your remote control or your house keys, after all.

To make your Orlando wireless home security system even more beneficial, you should have adequate lighting installed outside your house (connected to your security system) so that you can see anything and everything outside your home. This greatly minimizes the risk that a burglar, or other type of intruder will have the element of surprise on his side when he plans to commit a crime against you.

One last feature that would make your Orlando wireless home security system very ideal is if it has an independent power source separate from the systems of the rest of the house. This allows your security system to stay up and running even when a wily intruder cuts off your main power line.