Self Defense Products

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There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can defend yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. Walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods, being all alone atin the office at night - or even just trying to get across a dark parking lot to get to your car can be hazardous. It's an open invitation to an attacker to assault you, whether you're a man, woman or child. Fortunately, there are a number of terrific efficient, economical and discreet tools out on the market to help you feel more secure in a risky environment and help stop an attack before it happens.

A personal alarm is a battery-operated electronic device small enough to hold in your hand. It has a button that emits a loud siren-type sound when you push it and has the effect of surprising and disorienting an assailant - and scaring the assailant due to the sound of the alarm and the e him (or her) off with the attention it will the alarm will attract. There are many different types and sizes of personal alarms to suit every need and lifestyle. They travel easily in a pocket or purse, and some personal alarms have other handy self-defense and safety aids built into them as well, such as a flashlight or flashing strobe alarm light. These personal alarms are perfect for a woman or child alone, for joggers and cyclists, and night-shift employees who might have to enter a dark building or parking lot.

One of the most effective weapons against an actual physical assault is pepper spray, which is a legal, non-lethal gas that irritates eyes to cause tears, pain and temporary blindness in those it's used against. The temporary blindness and disorientation this causes in the attacker gives you the valuable time you need to escape and get help. The canisters for pPepper sprays come in manall manner y of forms that can be concealed in a pocket or purse, as an attachment on a key ring, or disguised as a jewelry accessory - a necklace, watch or even as pinky a ring.

Another more extreme self-defense weapon is the stun gun, which is used to incapacitate an assailant into temporary paralysis and confusion. Some stun guns come disguised as cell phones or pagersflashlights and are small enough to hide in the palm of your hand. Some states or cities within states Many U.S states and countries across the world have restrictions regarding stun guns usage, so it's important to check the laws of your regionarea of residence before obtaining one. For more information, visit .