Take a Good Look at New Home Security Technology

by : David Johnson

It is somewhat surprising to look back at early home alarm and security systems and see just how vulnerable they were, compared to what is available today. During that early time period, not too long ago, anyone who knew how those early systems functioned could easily bypass them with a pair of wire cutters. The advent of microelectronics and wireless technology has changed all that and now alarm and security systems that are installed in homes and business have multiple levels of security and back-up systems that safeguard the system as the system safeguards the home or business.

Another technological advancement that has brought about positive change in alarm and security systems is little devices that is known as a motion and thermal detection devices. With this handy little unit far more area can be protected more efficiently and it is as fool proof as you can get now. What it does, is to detect any body heat or movement in a broad area and can even see up to thirty-five feet.

With these devices, two new layers of security can be added to a system that used to consist of window and door protection. The first layer of security that these units provide is actualy on the outside of the building, in a thirty-five foot security perimeter around the home or business that is fully functional in any type of weather.

Because these devices are so finely and accurately calibrated they are immune to false alarms triggered by small animals such as dogs and cats, so a prowler can be detected before he or she even gets near the building that they are targeting. The second layer of protection is on the windows and doors that are protected with trip mechanisms, that will signal, the system if they are opened after the alarm is set.

The third layer of security is inside of the residence or building and this another series of heat and motion detectores that are laid out. There is actually yet a fourth layer of protection that you get with ADT and that consists of their sign in your yard and decals on your windows and doors. While these don't sound an alarm, they do in fact stop well over ninety percent of the criminals who are out scouting for opportunity.

A recent survey of incarcerated burglars found that due to the name recognition of ADT security this is the percent that move along when they see the signs and decals. If all of these multiple layers of high tech security protection aren't enough for you and you still find yourself concerned when you are out of town on business or at work, you can still give your ADT control panel on your home a call and it will let you know over the phone if the system has been activated or deactivated. The great thing about all of this new technology in home protection is that it is now more easy to understand and operate then ever before.