Some Basic Facts Regarding Home Security Systems

by : David Johnson

There is just no denying the fact that the rate of property crimes is rising and it doesn't look like it will come down any time soon. If you have been following the news then you probably know that police forces are bigger then they have ever been and there are more cops on the streets then ever before. One real answer to the rising crime rate that more and more people are using is to have a security system installed on their home.

It only makes sense that if you have a security system on your car or truck that you would also have one in your home as well in this day and age. One thing that you might consider doing prior to having a system installed is to make yourself familiar with the basic functions of a modern security system, so you can make the right choices when selecting the system for your home or business.

There are two types of home security systems and they are monitored and unmonitored systems. The extra cost of a monitored system is actually quite reasonable now and a monitored system does have some added advantages. With a monitored system, the security company monitoring station will get immediately notified by your security system if it is tripped or activated.

The advantage of this, is that they will immediately call the police or fire department for you and leave you free to deal with any other emergencies that may be unfolding at your residence. Even if your system isn't tripped or set off your control panel has a panic button that you can push in the event of any emergency. Some other choices you will need to make with regards to your alarm system is how extensive you want your system to be.

The technology that is available now is truly state of the art and there are more choices then ever before, with regards to the many components that comprise a home security system. The days of only having trip sensors on the doors and windows are long gone and now you also have the choice of having components such as infrared and motion detectors installed inside and even around the perimeter of your residence.

When located outside, these sensors can establish a thirty-five foot security zone that surrounds your home, that will detect a burglar before he or she even has a chance to reach your residence. New wireless technology allows for total ease of installation and better reliability, because there are no wires to be cut and the batteries last up to three years in the individual components.

There is even more than one option with regards to how you are going to activate and deactivate your system as you come and go from your home or business. While most people opt for the convenient clicker button that is carried on a key chain just like a car alarm button, you also now have the option of state of the art voice recognition technology, that allows you to actually give voice commands to your home security system.