New Technological Advancements in Home Security Systems

by : David Johnson

If you are like so many other people, you may be surprised to hear of all of the changes that have taken place with regards to home security technology. Of course you have seen the James Bond movies where the burglar simply whips out a pair of wire cutters and deftly disarms any security system that he comes across. The fact is that wireless technology arrived on the scene some years ago yet they are still filming these types of scenes in movies.

With a wireless alarm system there are no wires to cut and the system components communicate with the main control panel just like miniature walkie-talkies and this is all accomplished through the miracle of micro-electronics. Now the trigger devices that are mounted on doors and windows are powered by small batteries that last up to three years and signal the control panel when they need to be replaced.

Another technological advancement that is commonly used in home and business alarm systems is the motion detector and the body heat detector. What these devices do is actually look for body heat and things that are moving and then signal the alarm systems control panel when they see either of them. If you think that they can be thwarted by walking slowly or covering the body you couldn't be more wrong and they are small and easily concealed.

They are so accurately calibrated that they can easily differentiate between humans and small animals such as dogs and cats, so there is never a false alarm. These high tech devices can be used both inside and outside to look for people and outside they are used to establish a security perimeter around a building. They can scan up to thirty-five feet in any type of weather and offer the highest level of overall security that will signal the control panel if anyone approaches the building.

These same devices are also used on the interior of a building and are very effective in commercial environments where the risk of someone hiding out during business hours is always present. Other fantastic developments in home security technology include the ability to detect carbon monoxide gas in a home or commercial building. It is a little known fact they this gas kills countless people around the world each and every year and many people are at risk right now and don't even know it.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly poison that can be leaked into a home from a faulty gas heater and silently kill the residents while they sleep. Because it has no smell or color the only way to detect it is with a carbon monoxide gas detector connected to a security system. Fire detection capabilities are also now a part of a complete security system and using heat detectors located in your home they will sound the alarm as soon as a fire is detected. The system will nor only wake up the sleeping residents but it will also automatically call the fire department as well.