Is it Worth Investing in a Home Security System

by : David Johnson

If you have been considering having a security system installed in your home or business then one of your concerns may have been the price. The fact of the mater is that just as in other businesses that rely on electrical components, technological advancements over the past few decades have actually brought the price down on products across the board.

This means that you can now get far more system for less money then it wold have cost you years ago. Another thing to think about is that homeowners insurance carriers are now giving discounts that are as much as 20% to people who have homes with alarm systems installed in them. Still one more thing to consider is the added security that a monitored system will bring to your home and family.

People who have gone through actual, real life emergencies in their homes, such as a fire or confronting an intruder, more often than not report that they didn't have the time to use the phone to call for help because they were fully occupied with saving themselves and their loved ones from whatever was unfolding. With a monitored system, the security companies monitoring station will be immediately notified when your system is tripped and they will then call the police or fire department for you.

In fact there is a panic button on the keyboard of every home security system that completely eliminates the need for a phone call if an emergency should ever develop in your home. Just press it once and help is on the way and its as simple as that. Homeowners insurance is all good and fine, but if you had your choice wouldn't you rather that you didn't have to ever use it and that your home and loved ones were all protected and safe in your home?

The fact is, that recent studies and surveys have determined that up to 96% of the burglars that are now operating in your community will pass up a home or building that has signs and decals from a well known security agency such as ADT posted on the premises. This is because with todays level of technology, these home and business security systems have become far more reliable and less vulnerable to tampering.

In fact with the advent of modern body heat and motion detectors, it is now possible to have a security perimeter established around your residence that reaches out thirty-five feet. This means that a prowler will be detected long before he or she has a chance to even touch your home or business and with a monitored silent system they wont even know that the cops are on the way.

Another great feature of a modern up to date security system, is fire and carbon monoxide protection that can both save your life. Again with a monitored system having the helping hand in your moment of peril can make the difference between life and death in an emergency involving fire or this poison gas, that is commonly referred to as a silent killer. So now the question you may want to ask yourself is it worth not investing in a home security system.