How Modern Home Security Protects Your Home and Property

by : David Johnson

The technology that goes into todays security systems for homes and businesses has become so advanced that many people don't know how they function now. This was not always the case, because it was only a few decades ago the security and alarm systems on homes and businesses basically consisted of trip mechanisms on the windows and doors, that set off an alarm on the building if either the doors or windows were opened.

The problem with these older systems was that they in fact could be bypassed and because they weren't wireless there was plenty of places that the wires could be cut. Back then, many alarm systems also didn't have back up power sources like todays systems do, so all that was required to bypass those systems was to turn off the home or buildings power at the breaker box.

Due to so many new technological advances, todays home and businesses are protected by what is known as security systems because the term 'alarm system' just doesn't aptly describe the function of these state of the art systems. For instance, now a home or business can be equipped with a security system that not only guards against burglary but it can also includes fire and carbon monoxide protection as well.

If you are unfamiliar with carbon monoxide it is a deadly gas that kills people each and every year while they sleep. Its colorless and odorless and is emitted by faulty gas heating systems and if you have such a system in your home and don't have proper gas detectors, you are at risk.

You may already have smoke detectors in your home but they operate differently than fire detectors on a modern home security system. The problem with smoke detectors is that they many times can't be located where they are needed most, in the kitchen where most house fires begin, because they will constantly go off from cooking smoke.

Modern fire detectors function by detecting heat, rather than smoke, so there is no problem installing them in a kitchen or any other area for they matter. Unlike a smoke detector, these heat detectors will not only sound the alarm in your home but they will also send a signal to the security systems control panel, that will be instantly relayed to the monitoring station, who will in in turn immediately call the fire department.

In an actual emergency, many people have reported that they were so involved with the unfolding danger in their home that they didn't have the time to call the police or fire department. For burglary protection in the security system, there not only is trip sensors for doors and windows but all security systems in this day and age will also rely heavily on body heat and motion detectors that are so sensitive that they wont give false alarms from dogs and cats. These sensors are wireless and can be used both inside and outside of the home or business, so a prowler can now be detected before he or she as a chance to even reach the home or building.