Choices in Home Alarm and Security Systems

by : David Johnson

If you have been considering having a home security system installed in your home or business then you may be interested in knowing that now there are more choices and options then there have even been before. To start with, you will have to make the choice between a monitored and unmonitored system. There are many advantages to a monitored system and the price of the service is more reasonable than it ever has been before.

While you may not feel that you need a monitored system having the service means that in the event of an actual emergency you will have expert security person ell making decisions and phone calls for you while you are busy saving your loved ones and yourself. Another choice you will have to make, is whether or not your system is going to be wireless or not. Then there are multiple choices regarding the actual components that are going to make up your actual security system.

Home security systems have come a long way from the early days when they consisted of merely sensors on doors and windows that were connected to a control panel, that in turn was connected to an alarm on the side of the building. A modern, up to date security system, now covers virtually every aspect of home security, including fire and carbon monoxide protection as well.

Sensors are now so delicate in their ability to detect intruders that they can now even be installed outside of a home or business to establish a security perimeter. This is because home security systems now use body heat and motion detectors, that have a range of up to thirty-five feet. His means that an intruder can now be detected before he has a chance to even reach the home or business he is targeting.

If you have a gas heating system in your home then you may be interested in knowing that it produces a deadly gas that kills people every year that is called carbon monoxide or CO gas. Because it has no smell or color, it is virtually undetectable. The only way to detect this poisonous gas is with carbon monoxide gas sensors on a home security system.

Should your gas heating system malfunction, this poisonous gas can be pumped into the living area of the home with disastrous consequences. Whole families have been killed by this gas, because it produces no warning signs or symptoms and it's hapless victims simply fall asleep and never wake up again. If you have any form of life insurance that provides money after you die, you might consider this type of life insurance that will prevent you from dying in the first place, when you are having your system installed.

Another option for a security system is fire detection capabilities that goes far beyond the level of security that standard smoke detectors provide. Unlike smoke detectors, the fire detection components on your security system functions by detecting heat, so they are not prone to false alarms from ambient smoke from areas such as kitchens.

Also, the fire sensors will signal the control panel to simultaneously wake the household and call the fire department which frees up the homeowner to focus on getting out of the home with his or her loved ones, in the event of a real emergency.