Basic Components of a Home Security System

by : David Johnson

Just like in other high tech businesses, the level of technology that is available in a home security system has gone through many advancements in recent years. This means that a basic home security system contains components that not too long ago were only available in more advanced security systems. It wasn't many years ago that wireless technology was unavailable in a basic security system for a home or business and standard land lines were pretty much what everyone relied on in their security systems.

Now due to technological advancements, wireless security systems are easily affordable and are pretty much common place. The advantage of a wireless security system is that a line cant be cut to counter it and this is very important if you are incorporating a monitoring service into your total security system. Motion detectors are also now incorporated into a basic security system, because they are more affordable then they have ever been before.

It wasnt that long ago that this level of techology was unavilable to the average homeowner. The technology the goes into motion detectors is also far more advanced and they are now far more sensitive while at the same time have the capacity for differentiating between a human and things such as small animals, because they can judge heat and mass.

Motion detectors can also be installed on the outside of a home and detect an intruder before they have a chance to come in contact with the actual dwelling and they are capable of maintaining a thirty-five foot security perimeter on the outside of a home or business. Of course two basic components of a security system are the control panel and the keyboard that are used to operate, activate and deactivate a basic security system.

There is new technology that is now available that augments the control panel and keyboard with voice recognition technology. Voice recognition technology allows a business or homeowner to activate or deactivate their security system with only the touch of a button and a voice command.

Deterrence is an often over looked factor in a security system and this is why signs and decals are so important. Having signs and decals of a recognized security agency prominently displayed on a home or business is the most low tech and possibly the most effective component of any security system. The sooner a security system repels an intruder the better and research has shown that signs and decals do this well.

Quality and reliability are important in a security system, because everything has to work perfectly when it is activated and this is why is best to always procure the services of a reputable home security agency. You can save a few dollars installing your own system but it wont come with a guarantee and also it probably wont be recognized by any home owners insurance providers who are now offering discounts for homeowners with professionally installed and maintained security systems.