Are Motion Sensors Worth the Trouble?

by : Ron Mcbride

There are a number of ways you can go about protecting your house, including motion sensors. Many people have locks on their doors and windows and believe that this is enough. But with technology continuously advancing, it is extremely easy for burglars to get into homes.
What is really scary is how burglars can get into homes that have burglar alarms. Some of the older homes were not pre-wired, which allows burglars to easily break in through windows. And if you think that protecting your front and back door is enough, you are wrong.
Motion sensors have become increasingly popular because of the effect they can have on your home. Typically they can cover an area approximately 3' X 4' anywhere around your house. It is up to you to decide which area of the home you want to have the sensor placed at. Then, you place the sensor up on top of the house in a corner and let it do its job.
There are several different kinds of motion sensors to choose from, some being more high-tech than others. A majority of them can and will signal a security alarm signal notifying the authorities whenever someone comes within 40 to 50 feet of the invisible beam. If you place the sensor in the front yard, its range will be big enough to protect people from entering your backyard.
If you are looking for the general motion sensor, you are going to want the standard hardwire motion sensor. This sensor can only be installed if your house has been pre-wired, which many of the newer homes have been. It can also be installed if your basement has access to run wires for it. The one downside to this sensor is that it is not the best if you have pets, as your pets will constantly be setting off false alarms.
If you do have a pet, you will want to look into the pet immune motion sensor. While it still will not ignore every pet, it does ignore any kind of pet that weighs less than 60 pounds. Along with the weight limit, it will also ignore false alarms signaled by small dogs and cats.
The top of the line motion sensor you will find is a dual tech motion sensor. This has all of the same functions as the pet immune sensor, plus some. This sensor will detect motion, but it also detects body heat before sounding the alarm. This feature will help eliminate many false alarms and help detect the real deal. As you probably expected, this is the most expensive of the bunch.
With crime continuously being a problem in our society, it is better to be safe than sorry. And with a motion sensor, you can protect you and your home from any perpetrators.