Why you Need Emergency Exit Door Alarms

by : Ron Mcbride

We have all been at a mall or a public place and have seen emergency exit doors well in case you didn't know most of the side doors have emergency exit door alarms. These alarms are used on mainly side doors and have a high pitched alarm to ward off burglars. If you have a home or a business you need emergency exit door alarms.
If you are at your home you can turn any door into an emergency exit, what I mean by that is that you can leave a door unlocked and with your emergency exit door alarm, it will go off when someone is entering the door that shouldn't be. This is great during the day when you are home alone and like to keep a screen door open or the front door open to let in a little light, or to cool down the house in the summertime.
Also this is great if you have kids and you need to protect your house. You will know when your kids are coming and going and your kids won't need keys. You can leave the door unlocked and when your kids get home from school they can shut off the alarm when safely inside. This saves the responsibility of your precious ones forgetting keys or getting locked out of the house and you having to leave work early because of these sorts of situations.
Now all your precious children need to do is remember a security code and they can just walk into there house. A burglar won't know the code and will get scared off, and if the burglar continues to burglarize your home, most alarms come with a security system that will automatically alert the authorities that someone is in your house.
If you own a business then the same situation applies to you as well. You need to leave doors unlocked during business hours so you put a emergency exit door alarm on all of your doors but the main one and an alarm goes off if someone enters or exits from these doors. Also in the case of an emergency these doors will be unlocked and people will be able to get out of the emergency exit doors if they need to.
You can also get emergency exit door signs that say alarm will sound. I'm sure you have seen these. The cool thing about these signs is that some of them can come with cameras in them. So not only will you ward off the perpetrator, but you will have a picture of him as well.
Weather you want to protect your home or your business emergency exit door alarms are a good idea to not only warn you of danger so you can escape or call for help, but to protect your home or business as well.