Is a Warning Sign and Decal Enough of a Deterrent?

by : Ron Mcbride

While many people end up spending thousands of dollars on state of the art home security systems, a simple warning sign or decal may be all you need. It truly is a personal preference depending on how secure you want to feel. But placing a warning sign in the front and back of your home can have just as much of an effect.
There is nothing fancy about having a warning sign and it really acts more as a scare tactic than anything else. Placing a sign that says your home is protected by a continuously monitored system will make any intruders think twice about breaking and entering. While there is nothing stopping them from doing so, it more than likely will be enough to scare them away.
It is vital that you place the warning sign or decal in full view of anyone who approaches your home. Because you have nothing really protecting your home, you want to make sure the intruder sees the sign. Some people even place lights around the sign so that it is easily visible in the night.
The most efficient security measures are combining a warning sign with a full out home security system. This ensures that you are safe and no intruders will be entering. If for whatever reason they do risk their chances, you will have plenty of time to call for help.
The downside to having both is that it can become extremely expensive. While the warning signs and decals are not overly expensive, having a home security system is. An alternative to this is combining signs with fake security cameras. This will save you a lot of money from getting the real deal.
If you take this route, you will have two warnings with no real security whatsoever. But having two scare tactics sends a strong message that you are for real. It can be quite intimidating approaching a home that has security cameras and a sign warning you to leave. For all the intruder knows, the cameras are legitimate.
When you have a security warning sign, you are giving yourself 24 hour protection for the price of a couple of dollars. As mentioned above, you want to make the signs as visible as possible. It is also recommended that you place a sign in the front yard and back yard. These are more noticeable than the ones in windows. Lastly, you will find that it is far easier to install than having to set up an entire security system.
To get the full safety precautions, the best route to take is installing a home security system with warning signs and decals as well. But placing warning signs can be a cheap and effective way to keep intruders away from your home.