Home Security Surveillance

by : Ron Mcbride

Security cameras are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. You can't walk down the street and not be recorded by someone somewhere. When driving down the street look up and you will see video cameras on traffic lights, news stations use video surveillance to tell us about the traffic and catch news as it's happening. Law enforcement agencies also rely on video surveillance to be there eyes when they can't be there physically. Recently home security surveillance has become more popular as well.
Homeowners have many options when they want to see what is going on in and around there property. While most video surveillance is in black and white, homeowners can spend a little extra money to get video surveillance in color. Now you can see the Fed ex guy or your expected guests in living color.
You can choose to buy the equipment for your home security surveillance and install it yourself or you can hire a home security company to install your cameras for you. For the exterior of your home you will need cameras at all doors including the garage door as well so that you can see out onto the street. This will allow you to see who is approaching your house from the street, this is useful for looking at makes and models of cars if there is a car involved in a home invasion.
You can also choose to install dummy cameras around the exterior of your house. Dummy cameras are cameras that aren't really cameras at all they just look like cameras to fool the home invader. Burglars usually do there homework as to where the cameras are, if the perpetrator believes that he can be spotted at all different angles then chances are that he will pick an easier house. While you still have cameras at the front and back doors the dummy cameras really save you the homeowner an considerable amount of money.
If you want to see what is going on inside your house there are many different options for interior surveillance as well. In the movie Meet the Parents they make light of such cameras. While the movie was funny, interior surveillance is a great way to protect your valuables and your family. Make sure a babysitter is treating your child like they are supposed to be treated, as well as keeping an eye on any valuables that might be in your house.
Home security surveillance does for your family what the public cameras do for the media and the law enforcement agencies. It provides protection from harm and records criminal activity it there happens to be any. So invest in a home security surveillance system today and keep your family and your home secure.