Driveway Alert Installation

by : Ron Mcbride

You are probably thinking why do I need a driveway alert if I already have a home security system. This is a reasonable statement because many home security systems are not cheap. But the fact of the matter is having a driveway alert will give you that much more time to prepare and call for help that you would not get with a home security system.
There is no feeling quite like the sound of your home security system going off. It is a feeling of panic, shock, and confusion over what you are going to do. And by the time you have finally figured out what to do, it may be too late. But what if you had just a few more seconds, or even minutes depending on the intruder?
Having a driveway alert will give you that extra time to determine what you are going to do. It may be those few seconds that will save you and your family's lives. There are a number of different alarms to choose from, and each has a different warning signal. But the second the alarm goes off, you will be aware of the intruder far before they have even reached your door.
Your alarm can be placed anywhere outside to pick up movement. Generally you will find that most alarms have a 400 foot range, which allows you to place it close to your door and still pick up movement all around your front yard. Make sure to hide it reasonably well so that the intruder cannot see it.
Another great use for a driveway alert is to protect your valuables left on the front lawn. Many people get in the habit of leaving things in their yard such as a lawnmower, bikes, and even cars on their driveway. All it takes is a couple of seconds for someone to come up and be on their way with some of these valuables. But with an alert to warn you, you will have a better chance at stopping them or calling for help prior to them leaving.
These alerts are inexpensive and extremely easy to install. They are wireless and run on batteries. This way if there is a power outage, your house will still be protected. But because they run on batteries, you have to make sure you check every few weeks for if you need to change them. If you have a home security system, your doors and house are going to be fairly protected. But in order to get the full effect having a driveway alert will warn you prior to the intruder even getting to your door.