Pepper Spray a History of Reliable Self Defense

by : Barry Jenkins

Pepper spray is a very simple self defence tool that provides inconspicuous protection without violence. Once sprayed, pepper spray will irritate the eyes and cause them to tear, which creates temporary discomfort and distorted vision.

Who is Pepper Spray Used By?

Pepper spray's history as a self defence item cannot be questioned. It has been used by police officers as a non-violent way to control dangerous situations. It has also established itself as a reliable defence for hunters and other woodsmen who are at risk of attack from wild animals such as coyotes, bears, and wolves.

More than this, pepper spray has evened the playing field for those who may not be as physically strong as the person who they need protection from. Women and the elderly often find that carrying pepper spray allows them to feel secure knowing they could defend themselves even against a large male attacker.

Finally, pepper spray is often a favorite for people who are uncomfortable using force to defend themselves - regardless of their personal strength. New liability laws and some personal beliefs can make a victim hesitant to fight back physically or use a more violent self defence tool. Luckily, anyone who is either unable or unwilling to use force is still able to protect themselves in dangerous situations with pepper spray.

How Can Pepper Spray Protect Me?

When faced with a dangerous situation, the would-be victim simply aims their pepper spray canister at the attacker and sprays. The pepper spray is then released from a high pressure aerosol can. The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin. This chemical is a plant derivative that comes for a member of the chilli pepper family.

Is Pepper Spray Dangerous for Me?

No. Because pepper spray is contained in a high pressure aerosol can it is released in a steady and easy to aim spray. This ensures that the pepper spray hits only the desired target, making it safe for the user and any innocent bystanders.

What are some other benefits of Pepper Spray?

In addition to being non-lethal, highly effective, and easy to use, pepper spray is also inconspicuous and easy to carry. Small canisters can be easily kept in a purse or pocket without drawing attention to themselves. Moreover, pepper spray manufacturers have become very innovative with their canisters even offering pepper spray rings, pens, and key chains. Because pepper spray is so carrier friendly, this ensures that you will be able to carry it around with you at all times - increasing the likelihood of getting away from an attacker. Remember: a self defence tool will only work if you have it on you when you are attacked.

Is Pepper Spray Legal?

Yes, in the many places citizens are allowed to protect themselves with pepper spray. However, every country, and even every state, has its own laws which are changed regularly. For this reason, you should be sure to research the laws of the area in which you live or are planning to travel before carrying pepper spray with you.

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