Find Out What is Going on in Your Home When You Are Not There

by : Zoe Crouse

Finding the right surveillance system can be very frustrating. It can be from the type of security cameras you need, to how you will record the video to what cables and components will make it all work. USA Home Watch can help.

USA Home Watch wants your surveillance system buying experience to be stress-free so we assembled a selection of complete camera and video recording systems to meet your specific needs. The most obvious benefit of purchasing a complete surveillance system from USA Home Watch is that we've taken all of the guess-work out of the equation.

What can you use a complete surveillance system for?
There are many uses for complete surveillance systems. You can use them to keep a watchful eye on restaurants, retail shops, child care centers, warehouses, private investigators, animal kennels, boats, your home, vacation homes, construction sites and offices.

What complete surveillance system is right for you?
Hidden Camera Systems - Sometimes you might not want your cameras to be seen by all. Possible, you are not comfortable with installing a surveillance system. These are situations where you might need a hidden camera. The camera is built-in to everyday household items so that you can be as secretive as possible, while capturing the surroundings. Whatever the camera sees is recorded directly to the DVR on board. This eliminates the chance of interference and disrupted recording.

4, 8 or 16 Channel DVR Systems - Whether you have a large or small area to observe, one of our DVR systems will work for you. USA Home Watch provides a wired or wireless version complete with cameras, a DVR and all necessary cables and components. With the use of DVR cards your system can grow as your operation grows. People will know you mean business with a system like this.

VISEC Complete Surveillance System - When you can't be on location but you need to see what's going on. The VISEC surveillance system allows you to login through the Internet and observe your property. VISEC installs on an existing computer and records up to four wired or wireless cameras. Having a surveillance system like this is a huge bonus for day care centers, animal boarding facilities, vacation homes or for just keeping an eye on things while you're away.

Portable DVR Systems - A portable DVR system is great for situations where you are using a wireless hidden or professional camera. Simply install the camera and the video signal will be sent from the camera to the DVR for recording.
Sure, it would be nice to think that you can trust your employees, your nanny, your spouse or your children, but that may not always be the case. USA Home Watch can give you peace of mind.

Whatever your reason is for wanting the ability to keep a watchful eye on your home, office or other property, our equipment is simple to use and install. If you should have any trouble, USA Home Watch will walk you through the process over the phone.

If you aren't sure what camera would best fit your particular needs, USA Home Watch can help assist you in choosing the perfect package. Sometimes, it's easier for you to email us with your situation and we will give you our opinion of the best solution.

Take a look around at our hidden cameras, nanny cams, and spy and surveillance equipment and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to bringing you safety, security and peace of mind.

Christopher Barnes, Akrad Ventures, Inc.
Zoe Crouse, Zequities, LLC