Ready to Do Marketing Full Time? 10 Important Points to Consider

by : Olga Farber Becker

So, your income from your marketing efforts starts to be somewhat tangible. Or you just see that you could grow your income much more than if you keep your job - focusing on your marketing activities only.

Count me in. ;)

Here are several points for you to consider, when you're making your decision.

1. It's better to acquire at least some financial knowledge first.

I'd go to Robert Kiyosaki and his games "How to Quit the Rat Race," his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" really seems to drive the point home.

2. Define your goals, so that you knew where you go.

I recommend to take this free mini course:

"7 Goal Setting Tricks" - it will put you in the right direction.

And I highly recommend John Reese's brain dump exercise.

3. Accustom to some time management system, so that you could make the best of your time, not going in too many directions and not trying to do it all.

I'd recommend Brian Tracy's "Maximum Achievement" and Dan Kennedy's "No B.S. Time Management".

Read also this article by Brian Tracy:

That question "What's the most valuable use of my time, right now?" will help you a lot in getting your priorities straight.

4. Start practicing your organized work at home today - little by little, you'll get used to organizing your work the best way.

As Jim Rohn says, "Never begin the day until it's finished on paper." - Always make a plan for your next day - even a small task, but try to get it done.

5. Sometimes it's better to postpone the quit until you have enough money, courage, whatever... but sometimes we succeed more, when we just dive in.

It seems like when we have no choice, we get more determined to succeed, more focused, so we can accomplish much more.

Jim Edwards had a lot to say about it:

6. Work smart, not hard.

When your plan for the day is ready, look over it and ask yourself: "How can I accomplish these tasks quicker?"

You'll start to see then - you may combine some tasks together, or you'll find some way to outsource, or you'll notice, that there is a certain time of the day, when you work more efficiently, so you'll schedule the most complicated task to that time slot, or you'll see a need in some tools that will help you.

But it all starts with this simple question. It will just open your eyes to the optimizing world. ;)

I, for example, love this tool:

It saves me an enormous amount of time and peace of mind every day.

7. When you estimate your achievements, don't compare yourself to the Ideal - it's never possible to be perfect, but try to compare to your starting point, what you've changed since then.

Bill Harris explained it very well in his article "The Gap":

It will explain to you, why with all your accomplishments you still can be unhappy.

8. Use your past successes as your ally.

Take a notepad and write in it everything that you're proud of. Don't take just the obvious achievements, search for them. Then use it daily as your pat on the back.

9. Welcome the changes. It's one thing to go "out there" when you think all the world is against you, and it's completely different, when you trust Life, when you're open to its changes.

As John Kehoe said, "Operate on the premise that things are going to work out, and they usually do."

I highly recommend you to get his book "Money, success and you" - it's my favorite book right now. Read this article:

10. Seek the company of successful and like-minded people.

You'll pick up their energy, their courage, they'll motivate you to do your best, that will help you to move through the rough times - to your success!

I like very much this forum:

It sustains the atmosphere of success, great knowledge and encouragement.

And I also recommend to subscribe to the inspiring newsletter here:

Ok, enough with the lectures! Did you learn anything useful? Don't try to implement it all at once, take it slowly, bit by bit. When you master it, you'll make your life more organized, more successful and more fulfilling.

Happy achievements! ;)

Copyright 2004 Olga Farber Becker