Keep Some Emergency Lighting Around for the Next Y2k

by : Vicki Duong

Whenever an emergency situation hits, or even when the power just happens to go out for whatever reason, it's always a good idea to have some emergency lighting around the home. Remember when Y2K was about to hit and everyone was scrambling around for back-up generators to give them the extra jolt of power needed in case the end of the world did happen? Well, the end of the world didn't happen, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to have a generator lying around the house. With that said, ask yourself, are you and your family ready for the next Y2K?

It's always good to have some extra candles and flashlights around your home, but sometimes those items won't always suffice. A few other items you should also have on hand include water, batteries, and even some dry foodstuff; after all you never know how long you'll be in the dark for. Other items that I've found to be extremely helpful include hurricane lanterns and solar powered lights such as flood lights and lanterns.

Hurricane lanterns, whether they're the traditional ones made for oil candles or the modern ones that include flash bulb ballasts are excellent sources of light. Perfect for camping and emergency situations, hurricane lanterns provide a sufficient amount of light for long periods of time, which is surprising since it's considered a small lamp. Solar powered lights and flood lights also make for excellent emergency lights. Mainly used for industrial type projects, they can also be used for outdoor events and as construction lights since they're extremely bright.

You wouldn't really think it, but solar powered lights do come in handy and require little maintenance. Batteries are usually not required (even though it's a good idea to have some around in the event that you do need them) and you only need to put them out in the sunlight to get them charged. Even today, many companies are developing solar powered and eco-friendly lights and flashlights, ensuring you that they will work the moment you need them. Regardless, no matter what the circumstances are, there's no such thing as being too prepared. As long as you have all the necessities, you'll be more than ready to face the situation head on.