Home Security Video Camera: Why Get One?

by : Matt Peters

Ever wonder how convenience stores capture those images that help them to capture the burglars who victimize their stores? Those are video cameras. You can have your own home security video camera protect your home in much the same way as well. With a home security video camera, you can record all the evidence you will need if your house is burgled, for example, while you were away for a weekend.

Why video?

With digital imaging becoming more and more advanced, video should be left behind: This, of course, is false. Although digital stills may offer much better quality now, video still stands as a great way to record what activities are going on in your house. A picture cannot tell you how a crime was delivered; even a series of pictures will not give you enough proof to see how your house was burgled. Cameras that take still shots will also most probably give you blurred images of what goes on in your house, especially if there is a lot of movement going on. Video is also something that cannot be altered, unlike pictures that can be manipulated with simple software like Photo Shop.

What kind of video?

You can opt to use a home security video camera that records in black and white or in color. But that's not your only option. You can also buy cameras that have other features. Some cameras can record activities in complete darkness using night vision. This is great because intruders will not be able to see the exact placement of a home security video camera in the dark. Night vision technology itself has also advanced and can now record video in the dark in full color as opposed to the green colored night vision of the past. Another great feature of some home security video camera units is that they can record in infrared. This means that you can record thermal images of what goes on in your house. Infrared is great for monitoring purposes since you will not be able to see faces in the recorded infrared video. You can monitor to see if there is someone in your house just by checking if your camera is picking up body heat in the room that will come out reds and yellows. It is a very useful feature that can be used also in complete darkness.

What else can it do?

A home security video camera can also be set up to be used with motion detection devices. Once movement is detected in different areas of your house, your cameras can be prompted to start recording automatically. They can also be configured to start recording and set off alarms inside you house, whether silent or not.

A home security video camera is the best way to capture evidence of a burglary whether you are in or out of the house. By connecting it to a computer, you can also monitor things from a remote location so this is especially useful while you are traveling. If you are looking for efficient security that you can use to prevent crime or help to catch criminals, a homes security video camera is exactly what you need for your home.