Get Creative With your Home Security System

by : Jason Dutch

A 21st century Home Security System can be so much more than just a device that calls for help in case of an emergency. In fact, it can be a great help in everyday life. What about an SMS message when the liquor cabinet is opened at 3 AM and the only one home is your teenage son?

The purpose of a home security system used to be pretty straightforward: keep the bad guys out. That hasn't changed. A home security system that is connected to this day and age still protects your family and your property. But it is much more sophisticated than that. It even allows you to get creative. Probably beyond your imagination.

Say you add an additional sensor to your liquor cabinet. A 21st century home security system can be configured to send out an e-mail or SMS message when the cabinet is opened. Not addressed to your monitoring service of course, but straight to you. How would that make you feel when your teenage kids are home alone?

Custom Notification Rules

It's just one example. It isn't hard to think of more. The medicine cabinet for example. Or the closet or cabinet where you keep fire arms. All items you would like to keep a close watch on can be protected with a simple ten dollar sensor that is connected to a 2007 alarm system. When those cabinets are opened, you probably don't want the police to be alerted. However, you might want to receive an e-mail or SMS message.

To most people with an ordinary home security system, these features may same extraordinary. The truth however is they are not. All it takes is a simple to install add-on device. It upgrades your existing home security system straight into the 21st century.

The 'big secret' behind this all is the fact that these add-ons communicate over three redundant connections - broadband, cellular and phone line, whatever is available in case of an emergency or whatever is needed to perform a configured action - like sending a SMS message.

Did Your Daughter Arrive Home Safe?

Want another example for every day use? What about getting an e-mail or a SMS message when your daughter has arrived home safely from school? Or a message that your neighbor has just fed your cat or walked your dog while you're on vacation? It's all just a matter of creating personal (dis)arm codes and custom notification rules for everyday events that suit you and your lifestyle. Sounds complicated? It isn't. All it takes is a few clicks of a mouse.

Make Things Easier

Even if you don't have children, pets, liquor or guns - upgrading your existing home security system into the 21st century is something to consider. The 'bad guys' you are trying to keep out, are aware that your security system depends on a thin copper wire. All they have to do is find it, cut it and your property is theirs. Unless of course, your home security system switches to a broadband or cell phone connection the moment your landline gets cut.

Upgrade Your Alarm System

The Good News is that these new types of configurable systems are now available. The even better news: a company called uControl introduced an add-on 'link' that makes your existing home security system communicate over broadband, cellular or phone line - whatever is available. It is compatible with 95 percent of all alarm systems already installed in U.S. homes today. Therefore there is no need to throw away your existing system. Just upgrade it and your house and family are protected better then ever.

Installing the uControl link is easy. And it's even easier to configure the uControl link to fit into your lifestyle. All it takes is few clicks of a mouse and you are ready to receive an e-mail or SMS message when your daughter arrives home from school.

Peace of Mind

Unlike the traditional companies like ADT or Brinks, uControl does not charge you an extra fee for communicating over broadband, cellular and phone line. In fact, they provide more security and more peace of mind for the same dollar.