Alarm Systems - An Extra Hand to Safety

by : Amelie Mag

Alarm systems have become standard equipment in many businesses, and they are becoming increasingly common in private homes as well. When shopping for alarm systems, you will discover that there is a wide variety of options available. Alarm systems range from do-it-yourself installation kits to sophisticated whole-house security networks that must be installed by professionals.

Even if you choose one of the available high-tech alarm systems, the basic concept is the same. It was made for protection and it can make you feel extra safe. In order to grasp the functions of various alarm systems, you must start with the Brain or the Control Panel. This device comes with all alarm systems and its main function is to alert output devices when receiving signals from security alarm sensors.

The Key Pad allows you to interact with the alarm systems; with its help you can turn you security alarm on and off. It is placed by the main entry and as alarm systems have evolved it has become much easier to use. This device made especially for burglar alarm systems has night time options with illuminated screens and speed use emergency, just by pushing a single button. Many alarm systems have also remote control key pads, which are lightweight and portable.

Contacts are additional features of all the available alarm systems on the market. They detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. This device alerts the control panel of alarm systems when the magnetic bond between the door frame and the door is broken. There are three types of contacts made for burglar alarm systems. Recessed contacts are hidden in the window tracks and door jams. They are more complicated to install unless the burglar alarm systems are placed during the construction phase of one's home. Surface mounted contacts are visible when the door or windows are closed and they come in various sizes and colors to blend in. Roller ball contacts are the latest hit on the burglar alarm systems market; they are installed in the hinge side of the door jam and they are extremely efficient. All types of contacts can be hardwired directly to the control panel of the burglar alarm systems or you can choose a wireless version.

Glass break detectors are special made for burglar alarm systems. They detect the breaking of windows or glass doors by listening for the specific sound frequency of breaking glass. This kind of detectors are a very attractive feature of many burglar alarm systems.

The most important and widely used sensors for burglar alarm systems are motion detectors. They are able to detect movement within a pre-set range of a given enviroment and there are many types available on the market. Still, the one that most burglar alarm systems have are infrared motion detectors. They use infrared or passive infrared sensors to alert the security system to certain changes in the levels of heat and/or movement. The device is extra tricky, it sends invisible fingers out into the covered area in several layers. It even has a microchip that adjusts the device for slow and methodical temperature changes.

Still, there are some drawbacks to these devices custom made for burglar alarm systems. This technology is not able to see through walls or windows as they consider touching one of them as their final destination. Also, the beams project forward only and does not bend around corners. There are minor setbacks compared to what level of safety can this device can confer.

Other types of motion detectors offered by several burglar alarm systems are the one which can be mounted in corners or on the ceiling. The first are widely used and they are included in many burglar alarm systems as primary features. The second offer full 360? coverage and they are useful in rooms in which the corner motion detectors are blocked by doors or shelves.

There are many additional features of alarm systems. Smoke and heat detectors, gas and carbon monoxide detectors, holdup panic buttons are just some of them. All these devices come together and form amazing alarm systems, specially designed to protect your house and yourself. You should consider this investment and choose a performant security system.