Dont Have A List Or An Ezine Of Your Own? Well Now You Do.

by : Fernando Soave

If you knew the secrets to wealth and unlimited personal success were waiting for you behind a closed door, would you open it?

Of course you would!

You'd do whatever it took, even if that meant breaking it down with a flaming battering ram!

Well, here's that door.

On the other side you'll discover the "secret" that the most successful names in Internet marketing already know – how to build an ever growing list of loyal online subscribers.

Subscribers who know and trust you, who eagerly look forward to hearing from you again and again.

Subscribers who want to buy from you – buy your products, buy your services and join your affiliate programs.

And just as importantly, subscribers who will attract paid advertisers to your ezine each and every issue.

(Some ezine publishers collect thousands of dollars per issue from advertisers desperate to reach the right audience! And soon these advertisers could be beating a path to your subscriber list!)

In short, having your own opt-in list is the gold standard of the Internet. The bigger it is, the more successful you will be.

It's really that simple.

I want to show you how to make your list really big. How to obscenely multiply it again and again. How to use that list to find the success you've been looking for, on a scale you never imagined was possible.

(Don't Have A List Or An Ezine Of Your Own? Well Now You Do, Because I'll Give You One For Free Too!)

In short, I'm offering you the "flaming battering ram" you'll need to knock down all the obstacles standing between you and online success.

So please, no matter what else you do today, read this complete message. Then judge for yourself just how valuable my free offer can be to you.

Your Viral, Unstoppable List Builder!

It's called Ezine Fire.

It's fast, and it's easy to use. You can get started in minutes. And it's completely free – it will never cost you a penny.

More important though, it's unstoppable. Your list will continue to increase indefinitely once you sign up.

****** Tips for Publishing a Great Newsletter or Ezine

Publish regularly and on time.

Give your readers quality content - not rehashed or well-worn articles that have been published hundreds of times already.

Do a GOOD JOB - proper editing, spelling, formatting all make a difference to your image as a professional. Use a hard-carriage return to format all your lines up to 60-65 characters.

Personalise your issue for your subscriber. If your email management software allows it, include a field so that your ezine is addressed to your subscriber by their firstname.

Email yourself a preview and proofread it carefully. Make sure all the links are working fine. You'll be surprised at how much you have to clean up even when you thought it was ready to post.

Let someone else - a family member, a friendly publisher - read your issue before you decide to post it. It will help you see things through a reader's point of view.

Give your newsletter a personality - TALK to your readers as you would normally talk. Be yourself and let your sense of humour and uniqueness show through in your writing.

Write your own articles often and share your experiences of internet marketing with readers. Writing your own editorials will help you brand your ezine and establish your reputation as a publisher.

Don't milk your list for all its worth by publishing too many ads or too many affiliate links

Publish your readers articles and always ask for feedback from your readers to improve your ezine

Stick to publishing a text ezine or if you just love HTML, always offer your subscribers an online or text option.

By Fernando Soave Copyright © 2004