Odins Knot : Use Ancient Symbols to Improve Your Life

by : Clint Jhonson

The belief in gods has existed ever since the birth of mankind. Nowadays, most cultures have a single god to believe in, like Christian, Muslim etc. In ancient times however, people had more than one god to worship, each of them with their own traits.

Take the Nordic tribes for instance. Their religion was called Norse paganism, which consisted of a subset of Germanic paganism. Their beliefs were focused on many gods, with complex roles, that encompassed both significant war traits as well as philosophical values.

Odin is considered to be the chief god of the Nordic tribes' religious beliefs. The name of this god is associated with battles, war and death, but also with poetry, prophecy, magic and wisdom. Most representations of Odin depict him riding with a spear in his hand and ravens on each side.

These accessories have become symbols of the Norse god. Another symbol that stands as a representation of Odin is the one called Odin's knot. Its design is strongly related to mathematical equations that are believed to encompass the process of creation.

The design of Odin's knot consists of three triangles joined together. On each side of the geometrical shape obtained from the triangles the ravens of the Norse god can be found: Huginn - 'thought' - and Muninn - 'memory' -, two of the most dominant features of Odin.

Given that symbols have been considered very effective when worn, Odin's knot serves as inspiration for a pendant. With attributes like courage, self sacrifice and devotion, the Odin's knot pendant can improve the life of the wearer by boosting self-confidence.

Odin's knot is just one of many ancient designs that are worn on a daily basis in order to improve people's confidence in their own powers. Similar attributes can be found in another pendant known under the name of will power.

The first described symbol was based on geometrical shapes which comprised many mathematical values. The will power pendant has a more metaphoric design that consists of a bent spoon. Since there have been many attempts of bending a spoon with the power of thought, the will power pendant signifies the success of the wearer's mind over the materialistic world.

On the will power pendant there are several engravings that lead to the perfect result. The perfect understanding of all processes that take place around us, the way we fit into all those processes, and the purpose of all existence ?-love- combined together lead to the perfect result. By strengthening your will power you will be able to bring success into your life.

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