Moissanite Diamond - Fake it Till You Get it !!!

by : Anthony Chege

Where do you draw the line between Moissanite Diamonds and the real thing?
What is the difference if there is one and how do you differentiate between the two?

Real diamonds are created deep in the earth taking millions of years to form under high pressure and temperature.
They large scale or commercial diamond mining consumes a lot of human resource and finance.
The rough diamonds obtained then have to be sorted, cut and polished all very specialized jobs.

Is the end result justified you may ask?
Diamonds are as old as mankind if not older, they are mentioned in the Bible and are a God given resource. Like most other natural resources, they are rare and finite more so diamonds. It takes approximately 23 tons of blue ground to yield 5 carats of rough diamond material. That's a lot of work in anyones books.
If that is not enough, only 20% of any diamonds recovered are gem quality, while the remainder is suitable only for industrial purposes. Industrial quality diamonds are used in PC chip manufacturing drill bits & saw blades among other applications.
So why the history lesson? Just to show that gem quality Diamonds are expensive for a reason and not just because your jeweler says so.

Okay so why even bother with Moissanite Diamonds?
Well simply put, you save quite a bit of money buying Moissanite Diamonds as opposed to gem diamonds. Moissanite is lab prepared and a 1 carat stone can be made in 3 days as opposed to millions of years. Moissanite has a hardness of 8.5 - 9.25 compared to 10 with real diamonds.
It produces as much fire as a real diamond when cut and you require a special tester to differentiate between Moissanite and real diamond.
So you are asking yourself if I can't tell the difference between Moissanite & real diamond, then my fiance woun't either. Why not save some money and go for Moissanite.

I though of this too & nearly went for it until I realized that there is the small matter of insurance. If you don't insure, your lady might decide to get diamond insurance then you'll truly be in the dog house!!
There are also die hard romantics who think its unforgivable to propose to your woman with anything less than a real diamond ring; the bigger the better! Anyone who does anything less must be cheap.
So what to do? Well fake it till you get it!!!

If you are buying a moissanite ring for yourself, don't think twice. Look for a reliable Jeweler and go for it. If you are getting one for your lady & wife to be, bring it up in conversation way before you intend to propose to her to hear her views.
If she's not fussed, give her a big kiss and start shopping for a really big Moissanite ring.
At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference, your budget and whether or not your partner knows her Moissanite from her Diamonds!!