Goldfellow - Client Experience

by : Janis Rafkin

Below is an experience one of our client's requested we share with the public:

Let's face it. Today's consumers are skeptical, and with good reason. Can you blame them? With all the marketing hype and sales pitches people receive today, we are all a bit jaded.

In April I decided to sell some various pieces of unused gold jewelry. Gold was hovering at $1000, and my children have ZERO interest in jewelry. So I gathered some various pieces and thought, how hard could this be? Little did I know.

The Internet has hundreds of websites all soliciting your unwanted gold jewels. So with blind faith, I sent a small sample to a dealer in New York, and was given a complete run around. That was one package I mailed out, and I had to provide the shipping and the insurance of $5000 myself. I knew the approximate weight in pennyweight of the gold, and so had a reasonable dollar amount in my mind of the worth of the jewelry. Needless to say, I was offered less than 50% of what GoldFellow eventually paid me for that same package of gold jewelry. That discussion with the NY dealer went on for several weeks, with my request to return the jewelry, which they did, but only after I sent them a "money order" to pay for the shipping and insurance back to me. That little transaction cost me over $120. Go figure that.

I had sent a smaller package to an unnamed dealer (although highly advertised on TV and Internet) in Florida. Again, I knew pretty well what the weight was, and what it might bring from a reputable dealer. Wow! What a surprise!

This nameless dealer offered me $310, and was extremely unhappy when I called him. They did not call me prior to just sending me a check for $310.49 for approximately 95 DWT of gold. I of course called them and expressed my concern and disbelief at the payment, at which time, they said well, we can send you "maybe" another check say for $300.

As you can imagine, I was not happy, and at that time certainly had no trust in this nameless company. I said I am returning your check and I want you to return my jewelry. Well, that took quite a while and a number or phone calls to finally have the jewelry returned.

In the meantime I had found Michael and Robin Gusky of GoldFellow. Again, I found them on the Internet, and they have without a doubt the most fantastic site I had found. I sent them a package, which they provided free FedEx shipping and insurance of the package I had originally sent to New York.

It was a very easy process, and I could track the shipment on the Internet and knew they had received it. Within a matter of hours of their receipt of the shipment, I received an e-mail from them, and several hours later, a call from Michael Gusky.

Michael told me the exact weight of the 14K and the 18K and quoted me the amount they would pay which was a very fair settlement. The group in New York had offered for the same package $2000, and Gold Fellows paid me $4400, which was a very fair and honest settlement.

I was thrilled to find that there are reputable and honest people that you can do business with, and had a comforting feeling that I would absolutely do business with them again, and additionally highly recommend them to anyone in the market to sell any jewelry.

After many phone calls with the nameless dealer in Florida, they finally returned my gold jewelry, and I of course had already returned their $310 check.

I became quite busy, but did have the package from the nameless dealer in Florida on my desk, and this week, end of June, decided I would give Michael and Robin Gusky at GoldFellow a call. I told them what the weight was (according to the nameless dealer in Florida), and said I would FedEx the package to them.

GoldFellow received the package the next day, and immediately called me and paid me $1800 for the same package I had sent to the nameless dealer in Florida who paid me $310. This is the end of June, and gold does fluctuate, and is down from what it was in April, but I had complete confidence that GoldFellow gave me the absolute best price one could receive in the cash for gold marketplace today.

Michael and Robin have created a great business, and the most important part of their business, is that they do care about their customers, and they are the most honest and ethical dealers I have had the pleasure to do business with.

I have my own company, and if you take care of your customers with integrity and honesty, your business will grow based on your reputation. The website they have created is customer friendly; you can track your shipments at all times. You can feel confident that they are working for your best interest. For anyone wishing to sell unused gold jewelry, you can be totally assured that Michael and Robin will be working in your behalf and have total confidence that you will receive the highest price from someone you can have total trust and confidence in.

Thank you Robin and Michael!!!