The Unmatched Beauty of Diamond Pendants

by : JohnM

The female neckline is so beautiful, it almost calls out to be adorned with a lovely piece of jewelry. Diamond pendants are beautiful and classical items of jewelry, which can do wonders for any outfit. That expensive Gucci dress will look absolutely stunning when combined with a diamond pendant. However, do not have to be the sole domain of those who can afford to buy expensive garments. Even a simple black evening dress will look terrific when combined with a diamond pendant. Matching items of clothing and jewelry always requires care, but also gusto and imagination.

When selecting a diamond pendant it's important to consider the contours of the wearer. There are many varieties of diamond pendants: from asscher cut , to pendants with a round shaped diamonds. One style works for daily wearing, whereas another style might work better for special occasions. Websites such as Diamonds-USA offer an extensive selection of diamond pendants for all occasions.

Diamond pendants are popular throughout all cultures. Many ancient works of art depict women wearing diamond pendants, and they have also always been popular with royalty.
Diamond pendants make a real statement about the wearer.

Why are so appealing? Maybe it is because the neckline is so prominent. Also the neck lends itself perfectly to the maximum possibility for the interplay of diamond facets and light. It is here around the neckline that diamonds can shine in all their glory. Diamond pendants always attract attention at major events, such as Oscar night, where starlets walk down the red carpet adorning the latest jewelry creations, along with suitably matching gowns. In recent years we have seen the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Keira Knightley walk the carpet showing off beautifully crafted diamond pendants.

Certain styles of diamond pendants are popular with men, as seen in hip hop dress culture.

Another interesting perspective is that diamond pendants are located very close to the heart, and that creates a very romantic association. The connection between diamonds and the heart is a well know one.

But what is the big attraction of diamond pendants? Surely diamond rings are a far more significant item of jewelry, because they are given for special events such as engagements. Well, it is precisely for that reason that diamond pendants are special. They are not associated with traditional giving, but with giving from the heart. That is what makes them so special.