The One Piece of Jewelry Hell Wear

by : Jonathan Blocker

It's well known that except for wedding bands and mens wrist watches, most men do not usually wear costume jewelry on a regular basis. This is one reason that timepieces such as men's wrist watches make excellent gifts.

Gifts for All Seasons

There is a nearly mind-boggling variety out there when it comes to designer watches for men - and almost as many reasons for giving them. For example, years ago when an employee remained with a company for decades, mens gold watches were a traditional gift upon retirement. Other occasions upon which men's wrist watches are appropriate gifts may include:

Ã?â‚?? Anniversaries

Ã?â‚?? Birthdays

Ã?â‚?? Graduation

Ã?â‚?? Bar Mitzvahs or Confirmation

Ã?â‚?? Recognition of Achievement

Ã?â‚?? Christmas / Hanukkah

Ã?â‚?? ???

Different Kinds of Mens Watches

Of course, not all kinds of men's watches are appropriate or even desirable for all men. The choice of timepieces will depend on many things, such as the recipient's personality, interests and kind of activities they normally engage in.

For example, a man who leads an active lifestyle that includes 'extreme' sports such as sky-diving, scuba-diving or off-road biking will need the durability and reliability of a dive watch, also known as a 'navy watch.' These timepieces are exceptionally rugged and usually have multiple functions.

On the other hand, if the man is a 'geek' who loves all the latest technological gadgets, you'll be happy to know that 'smart watches' such as were worn by Dick Tracy and Maxwell Smart are now longer fiction. Today, there are men's wrist watches that can play .mp3 files, store up to 250 MB of data, and have USB capability for easy data transfer to a PC. Some even include a miniature TV screen. Best of all, such high-tech timepieces can be had for under $200.

Then there is the well-dressed man to whom looking good and impressing others is a priority. The brands of men's watches to consider in this case are Gucci, Cartier or Geneve. Designer watches by any of these companies feature rich, timeless styling and obvious - but understated and conservative - good looks.

On the other hand, he may want to make a fashion statement that is not understated. Other designer watches are bold, and even brassy. These mens wrist watches feature bright colors and may even pay homage to one's favorite films, such as Star Wars.

mens wrist watches are available for virtually every taste and inclination - and at a range of prices. There's no reason why one cannot spend a good deal of time considering which mens wrist watches are likely to appeal to a gift recipient.