The Custom of Exchanging Wedding Rings

by : Naval Sharma

The custom of exchanging links is being practiced since ages. The binding of relationships with these small round structures has an eternal importance. Let's read this article to find more about the ring exchanging custom that everybody experiences at least once in life.

Exchanging Rings symbolizes the love and devotion among the ring bearers. A wedding ring or engagement ring is a precious metal ring given as a betrothal present. to indicate marital commitment. Such rings are usually worn in the left hand ring finger.

Diamonds have always been the first choice to be studded in wedding rings and engagement rings. With the luxurious addition in customs and traditions and encouraged by jewelry trade rings are exchanged representing the past present and future of a relationship.

A pre-wedding ring -engagement ring is given usually to commit acceptance of eternal marital relationship. The idea expands with the presenting of promise rings or eternity rings that signify the serious courting relationships.

Wedding Tradition in Europe encourages engraving of spouses name on wedding ring and date of marriage too. This custom makes the wedding ring sentimentally intended for the auspicious occasion only.

In Indian cultural marriages, we too have ring exchanging custom on the engagement ceremonies or ring ceremonies. As Gold is known to be the symbol of purity, Indian customs emphasize on gold jewelry or gemstone jewelry as a betrothal present given to the bride.

To bind two souls into an eternal relationship of marriage, engagement rings have a great part to play. So if you are looking to be committed to someone buy your beloved an exclusive diamond ring and share your feelings through rings.