Keeping Time in Style - With Luxury Watches

by : Jonathan Blocker

What exactly are luxury watches and how are they different from ordinary ones?
Unlike ordinary timepieces, designer watches are those made from the finest materials. Most are designer watches; these may or may not be diamond watches, but they definitely include precious metals and more often than not, precious gems. Beyond that however, you'll find a great deal of variety when it comes to luxury watches.

A Short History

Originally, all portable timepieces fell under the category of luxury watches - because only the very rich could afford them. Mechanical clocks came into existence around the year 1300, but it was over two hundred years before craftsman learned how to miniaturize the components enough to make them portable. The first designer watches were actually created in Geneva, Switzerland by French Protestants fleeing persecution in their predominantly Catholic homeland; since these people were Calvinists who disdained jewelry and such other 'adornments,' they expressed themselves by crafting exquisite timepieces - a tradition that has continued in Switzerland to the present day.

For most of the past five hundred years, most watches - including men's diamond watches and similar portable timepieces - were designed either to be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. The first wrist watch as actually a ladies' 'bracelet watch,' first offered in 1868. As such, men considered them 'effeminate.' However designer watches designed to be worn on a man's wrist came about as a result of 'manly' pursuits such as deep-sea diving, flying mechanical aircraft and tragically, warfare; in short, activities in which delicate pocket watches were simply not practical.

By the 1930s, wrist watches had replaced pocket watches in terms of popularity. Although pocket watches are still available, most men and women overwhelmingly prefer the convenience of luxury watches designed for wrist wear.

What To Look For in Men's Diamond Watches

Diamond watches are often presented as gifts for various occasions, such as graduation, acknowledgement of a particular accomplishment, an anniversary, etc. In Spain, women often present designer watches to their fiances on the occasion of the engagement.

It is useful to keep some things in mind, as such watches can vary tremendously in terms of price - and you may not necessarily have to (or want to) pay top dollar.

In general, when shopping for luxury watches as a gift, it's better to be a bit more conservative. There are some watchmakers whose products feature bold, bright colors; while you might purchase something like this for yourself, getting something like that for someone else is a bit risky. Muted colors, or plain gold or silver is virtually always appreciated. Luxury watches can make a fashion statement, but remember that it's what's inside that makes it a first-rate timepiece.