No Loud Clanking at Work

by : Cassandra Hawkins Wilson

Paying close attention to the accessories you wear to work is essential to your professional success. Accessories can play two roles - a benefit or a restraint. In the business arena, jewelry should not announce your arrival. In addition, cutesy jewelry should not be worn to work. Cutesy jewelry tends to distract coworkers, clients, and customers. Oversized earrings and chunky bracelets shove the focus from your presentation, which is in essence most important.

Small stud earrings are quick answer to questions about what jewelry to wear to work. Bling earrings should be worn on a date or to a party. Stacking bangles is a new trend. However, it is inappropriate for the workplace. Opt for a single bangle instead. Rings with large stones should be worn in more social settings. Stick with one ring on each hand. Avoid long, bulky necklaces. Closing your necklace in a drawer at work is not much fun. Test drive necklaces at home. If it gets caught in the door at home, don't wear it.
Even more important is the maintenance of your jewelry. Take care to keep your jewelry in a clean, dry place. Avoid jumbling jewelry to prevent scratches. Place jewelry in fabric-lined jewelry boxes. Examine jewelry frequently for loose prongs, worn mountings, and general wear and tear. Jewelry should be cleaned professionally every six months. Avoid ultrasonic cleansers. Ultrasonic cleansers can damage some jewelry.

Follow these guidelines to achieve success:
1.Choose a conservative watch.
2.Choose jewelry, whose color compliments your coloring.
3.Avoid extreme styles and colors.
4.Keep your choices simple, yet elegant.
5.When in doubt, lean towards the conservative choice.