Settings for Alternative Diamonds

by : Joseph Schubach

Jewelry is an extension of your personal style. It can transform simple, basic outfits into spectacular ensembles - and it can give your old favorites a new sparkle. So when considering how to set loose moissanite stones or choosing a moissanite or diamond engagement ring, don't forget to consider how the pieces will fit into your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle.

Before you shop for moissanite or diamond engagement rings, consider how and where you'll be wearing your jewelry. For instance, if you're an active woman who will wear her ring to work, to the gym and at night, sturdier settings - such as bezel and pave engagement ring settings - will provide added protection to the stone. However, if your ring will be worn mostly socially, a more delicate setting may be appropriate.

Your favorite color.

Whether pink is your signature color or you look best in canary yellow, diamond engagement rings, earrings, and even rings in pave engagement settings can all be customized to include colored diamonds, loose moissanite or other gemstones in your favorite colors. In fact, there's no rule that says your engagement ring needs to be a colorless diamond - sapphires, rubies and other precious stones are all popular choices for engagement rings.

Your personal style.

Are you bold or demure? Trendy or classic? Playful or subdued? From simple pendants to dramatic earrings, classic diamond engagement rings to loose moissanite stones in custom settings - whatever your style, your jewelry to enhance it.

Your jewelry collection.

If your style is ultra-modern, then pave moissanite engagement rings settings or loose moissanite in basket settings may appear too old-fashioned for your overall look. However, if your jewelry collection is filled with timeless pieces, these settings would add another layer of romantic sophistication to your look.

Your frame.

Your frame will often dictate the type of jewelry you look best in. Women who are curvy or athletic often look best in bold necklaces, chunky bracelets and even loose moissanite set in dramatic cocktail rings. However, women with more delicate frames and features typically look best in smaller jewelry such as pretty diamond pendants or small moissanite hoops.

Your skin tone.
In general, people with cool skin tones (usually with blue, green, or grey eyes) look best in silver, white gold or platinum jewelry, whereas people with warm skin tones (often with brown, black, or hazel eyes) usually look best in gold. Regardless of what's in fashion, think about what works for you.

As you shop for diamond or moissanite jewelry, you will want to keep these things in mind.