Jewelry Watches Made of Tanzanite - Elegant, Unique and Stunning

by : Rudy Brand

Tanzanite is a gorgeous blue/purple gemstone often employed to create upscale jewelry. It is not typically utilized in fashion products meant for active use due to its delicate constitution. Because of this characteristic, it may be hard to locate real Tanzanite jewelry and watches.

About Tanzanite
Tanzanite was named for the location of its discovery - Tanzania. It was first discovered there more than forty years ago, in the late 1960's. Its prettiness is universally recognized. In its unprocessed state, it appears with a light blue, violet or even green tint. After being cut and treated, the gems are sold as completed gems with full violet and blue tints.

In 2002, Tanzanite was acknowledged by the American Gem Trade Association as the endorsed birthstone for December, usurping Blue Topaz. Because of this, costs for raw Tanzanite have doubled or tripled to two or three hundred dollars for a sole carat. Many jewelers, however, have been reluctant to recognize this new distinction, preferring to stay with the customary Topaz stone.

As costs have risen, interest in lab-created stones has increased as well. Tanzanique is the most popular variant and is found in many jewelry types.

Tanzanite Watches
Since Tanzanite is normally used in pieces that are not intended for daily use, it is not common to encounter a mass-produced . These watches typically accent the Tanzanite with other stones, or guard them by embedding them in a protective setting.

Lucien Piccard today makes a small number of beautiful models of Tanzanite watches for ladies, while many out-of-production watches are sold on eBay. Artisan jewelers, of course, have always been resourceful enough to use this gemstone into made-to-order watches.

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