Digital Watches

by : Daniel Jowssey

Portable timepiece. In the early 20th century increasing miniaturization, mass production, and convenience led to the watch moving from the pocket to the wrist. Watches were also subsequently made waterproof, antimagnetic, self-winding, and shock-resistant. In 1957 the electric watch was developed, and in the 1970s came the digital watch, which dispensed with all moving parts.

Never throw anything away - eventually everything comes back in style. In the case of digital watches, this saying is very true. Remember when you were seven and you couldn't wait to get your new watch with the actual hands so your friends could tell you knew how to tell time? Those days are over. People are becoming smarter and have realized that digital watches were popular for a reason; it's simply easier to tell time on a digital watch. The numbers are large and you don't have to look at your watch up close just to tell the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand. The number one reason why people are choosing to go back to digital watches - the latest designs are simply more stylish than normal watches.

The recent popularity increase of digital watches can be attributed to a few specific brands offering the hottest styles of this type of watch. Below you will find a list of the top 3 luxury watch labels specializing in digital watches:


Diesel has definitely contributed to the recent rise in popularity associated with digital watches. This label offers a number of styles to choose from when it comes to the hottest digital watches on the market. The Diesel Men's Model DZ7005 is one of the most popular digital watch designs right now. This model is available online for just $195.


Citizen is another luxury watch brand that has contributed to the comeback of digital watches. Citizen's Men's Cyber Aqualand NX (model MG1010-08E) is a digital diving watch that has become one of the fastest-selling watches on the market. Citizen offers high quality watches. This particular watch has a suggested price of $900.


Casio, a very popular luxury watch label, offers numerous digital watch models for interested consumers. Unlike most of the other labels on the market, Casio designs watches that offer both normal watch functions and digital watch functions in the same model. The Casio Protrek watch (model PRG-40T-7VDR) is ideal for consumers looking for a stylish digital watch with multiple functions. This particular model is available online for approximately $300.

Digital watches are making a quick comeback in the world of fashion. Those of you who like to stay on top of evolving trends should highly consider purchasing a digital watch. Not only are they stylish but they're highly functional as well; chances are, you won't regret your purchase.