Mens Signet Rings

by : Elena Zharina

Be it plain or ornate, with a monogram or initials, family shield or motto, gemstone, semiprecious stone or enamel inlay, a classic signet ring is a finishing touch in creating a substantial look of yours. Though there are many outstanding ready-for-use signet rings, designers often invite their customers to engrave personalized information on special rings with a blank top.

Signet rings are not newly invented fashion toys. Ancient Romans wore signet rings to seal the letters. They also used them to sign the important papers. So primarily a signet ring served as an individualized seal and stamp. In those times a signet ring evidenced the power of its owner.

By the way, because of the practical purposes the signatures on the antique rings are reversed like in the mirror. Nowadays the only Roman who officially uses the signet ring as a seal is the Pope. His signet ring is called "Fisherman's ring".

Masons and other secret societies use their signet rings as the signs of social identity. The members of such societies just wore the rings inversely for no outsider could see the emblem. Universities, various clubs and other organizations design their own signet rings for the same purpose with the only difference that there's no need to hide the engraving.

Although you can wear your signet ring on any finger, the ring will look quite elegant on the little finger and a little bit more emphatic on the forefinger. Some psychoanalysts insist that there's a secret meaning in the finger preferred to wear a signet ring. From their point of view a signet ring worn on:

Ã?â‚??a thumb accents the sexuality of a man
Ã?â‚??a forefinger accents the authority of a man
Ã?â‚??a middle finger shows the man's persuasion he is handsome
Ã?â‚??a wedding finger tells for itself
Ã?â‚??a little finger shows the creative temperament of a man