Antique Crystal Jewellery - Unearth the Glorious Past

by : Paul Shane

Crystal has been used chiefly as jewellery from a very long time. Not just the common people and the ranks, crystal have been worn by kings and queens and people of the royal lineage. Crystal has been very popular with people of different lands and cultures, much like today. Despite frequent usage of crystal in jewellery today, people are still inclined to the old and antique jewellery. People are still buying and wearing different designs of jewellery of the yesteryears.

It is found that crystal was frequently used in different eras and styles of jewellery - Victorian, Edwardian, Jacobean, art deco and art nouveau etc. They are also known as estate antique jewellery. They were quite expensive in those times. However, today they are treasured more for their historic value and super designs, excellent craftsmanship, superior quality, with crystal embedded in them, and their historic value, than for their monetary worth.

The crystal jewellery of the bygone era is popular among women for the touch of elegance and beauty they provided. The most popular crystal jewellery includes necklaces, ear pieces, lavaliere, engagement rings, bracelets, bangles, etc. Crystal was also used to make fantastically designed pendants. In fact, the maximum usage of crystal in those times is found in pendants and ear pieces. Crystal was also worn in head gears and ornaments for the hair.

There is a stark difference in the jewellery of the yesteryears and jewellery of today. The difference lies in the designs and the usage. Today, people are still wearing crystal; however the styles have undergone many changes over time. Although the styles have changed and so have the designs in jewellery, yet the antique jewellery are still quite popular and quite in demand, especially with them who have fine taste in jewellery and epicures of art.