Bridal Jewelry: 4 Simple Earring Styles

by : Sarah Stephens

Given all you put into choosing your wedding dress, we understand the need for accessories that flatter without stealing the altar. Thankfully, there are plenty of tasteful ways to make your earlobes feel loved without making them the focus of the day. Take a look at our list for five styles we think you'll appreciate. And no matter what you pick, be sure to select an earring finding that you know stays in your ear. You have enough to worry about without having to search for your earring on the dance floor mid-reception.

1. Short Hoops

Short hoop earrings are about one inch in diameter, hang just below the earlobe, and generally stay in place when you move. There are many styles of this earring that make it a perfect wedding accessory. Petite gemstones sometimes hang in line along the base of the hoop, adding a little bit of color (something blue, anyone?) and personality. Or a single, slightly larger gemstone can dangle from the base of a circular or oval-shaped hoop for a kind of twist on the drop style.

2. Drops

Single drop earrings are classified by a medium-sized gemstone hanging about an inch off the earlobe. Select the stone by color and shine to draw more or less attention to the earrings. Another variety on this style is to add a second stone or cluster of stones to create a bit more girth to the earring and allow for multiple colors if desired.

3. Cascade

Cascade earrings are classified by narrow, linear designs that fall straight down from the earlobe. Petite gemstones cluster in even pairs down the length of the chain, or they alternate sides like leaves on a flower stem. Chains can come in a variety of lengths, from one inch to three or four. Another cascade design hangs small, single pendants from two or three chains, like these customizable ones. Either style is an elegant, flattering addition to any face.

4. Metallic

Metallic earrings make use of classic gold or sterling silver and either contrast it with a complementary gemstone or let the metal stand alone like these. They come in any of the above styles and are traditional, subtle additions to a bridal ensemble. A great look is to combine gold and a white stone - such as a pearl, raw diamond or quartz - for a look that is both timeless and flattering.