Winter Jewelry Trend Forecast is Bright

by : Dionne McGraw

The word jewelry is derived from the Latin word 'jocale' meaning plaything. Fashion jewelry is inexpensive to moderately priced jewelry such as a necklace, ring or bracelet, made up of semi-precious or simulated stones, metals and other materials like crystals, glass, brass, wood, leather, silver and more, designed to wear with current fashions. Fashion jewelry can be categorized on the basis of the material it is made of like brass, silver, wood, beaded etc.
The material used in making fashion jewelry is usually cost effective and trendy. Some of the examples of fashion jewelry are brass jewelry, leather jewelry, beaded jewelry, mixed metal jewelry, gemstone jewelry and costume jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is made in all sorts of styles from contemporary mod inspired filigree earrings to mixed metals necklaces hanging at various lengths. Fashion jewelry can also be classified on the popularity of the products available in the market for example cocktails rings, brass bangles, chunky crystals, faceted stones, leather cuffs, beaded necklaces, symbol statements encrusted with jewels. Fashion jewelry is very much in demand because it is stylish and trendy and is available at affordable prices. You can find all of these elements and some of the most stunning artisan crafted jewelry at 3bjewels.

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